Mario Popped Up From AR Card!

My son likes playing game. Nintendo 3DSLL was released recently, and we went for it. He was divided between 3DS and 3DSLL.  3DSLL is bigger than 3DS, but it seems to get eye strain. After all he bought 3DS in his savings because it looks easy to carry around. It cost 14,900yen (5000yen less expensive than 3DSLL) This is the third DS for him. Every time Nintendo released new one, he bought it.

Then, I ordered the  software of ” Mario” from the company Megatips(stock ticker 6875 in Japan) for him. This company sends shareholders an shopping catalog every year. In Japan, there is a shareholder special benefit plan in addition to dividend.

The next morning my son was taking my picture by 3DS. I wonder why.  I looked into his 3DS. Wow!  Mii was made of my picture automatically. Mii is the avatar used in another Nintendo game Wii. He says my avatar looks like me. Really? I don’t think so.

Many people created various Mii and uploaded them. He was taking many Mii such as anime character of “One Piece” from the internet into 3DS by using QR cord. Kids go ahead of time!

Mario popped up!

My son jumping

My son thinking

My son staring


Running with my son

With Japanese comedian “Tanoshingo”


Do You Know Henna Art?

Mehndi is the body art by using henna, which is popular around India.  As Henna can dye only the surface of skin, the reddish color disappears in two weeks.  I knew about Mehndi on a belly dance magazine.  The pictures of it were beautiful.  I liked it.

When I went to Tokyo in May, I had my left hand decorated with henna by Akina Matubara, Japanese professional henna artist.

Her blog

Later, I found an instant henna corn at a store, then I tried.  But there was a strange and rather disturbing smell.  The color was  strange too.  I thought this wasn’t the right one.  I washed off right away but already my hand was dyed. I think it included chemicals.

I also have had my hair dyed with henna since last year.  I can’t use hair color including chemical any more.  My friend became an allergy sufferer by using it.  So I’m scared.

Henna smells nice like hay.  It is easy to use.  Why don’t you try?  But be careful not to use chemical henna.

The picture  of my first mehndi experience

I Attended a Funeral

Because my husband’s mother died last saturday,
I went to Nagano where is far from here.
As I get older, people around me have passed away one by one.
I have needed to face to face with death gradually.
His mother lived a modest and frugal life in a rural area.
She got weaker little by little and died in her sleep without pain.
I think she was happy.

I attended the rite of placing a dead body in a coffin for the first time.
It is considered that the dead people make a long journey to heaven, crossing the river.
So we shrouded her in a white outfit and put goods
such as food, printed paper coins, amulet in her bag to cross the river.
Her favorite or precious things were placed with her.
I feel the final farewell at the crematorium is the hardest time for me.

Deceased family looks very busy after someone’s death.
I asked my father to prepare his own funeral before death.
He said “Don’t worry! I will live more 20 years.”
But He is already over 80 ・・・

Today’s Cooking Menu was・・・・

To tell the truth, I am not good at cooking.
Or rather it’s a bother to cook because I have to do everyday.
My mother is  a cookery enthusiast.  So I ‘m always compared to her.
Then I decided to go to cooking class once a month.
Today was the cooking day.

 Today’s menu
Thai soup curry
     Tofu souffle
     Pickled cucumber
     Pckled eggplant

I attended a lecture

I attended a lecture at university yesterday.
Lecturer explained the American financial history
introducing the video “Inside Job” by Charles Ferguson.
When the gap between rich and poor is wide, the society becomes unstable.
 Reading handout, American society is crazy.
The top 1% earns 1/4 income of all in USA.
Just before the Great Depression, the top 1% earned 23.9% of all income.
Then 2007, the ratio reached about the same 23.5% again!
The top 10% accounts for over 70% of all American wealth.  Wow!
American dream is a dream.  
It seems that social mobility is low in unequal country.

Gintama Lovers

My daughter loves ‘manga’ and ‘vocaloid’.

She has been listening to the song ‘Koino ABO’  these days.
Since this song has a kind of old tune, it sticks to my ear.
Japanese group ‘News’ seems to have been singing the original song around 2009.
Then  Gintama lovers created this filksong.
Although they aren’t professional singers,  the group has enthusiastic fans.

Please listen!

John and Yoko

From when did Kumamoto City come to use
“John and Yoko” for its advertisement???
(The sign says “Celebration of the designated city Kumamoto” above the picture)
It was the advertisement of photo exhibition of Kishin Shinoyama.