Is There Karaoke Ranking System in Your Country?

I went to Karaoke yesterday.
I mainly sing a song of Lady Gaga,Shido and Teresa Tengthese days. Karaoke machine has a ranking system which was judged by computer.
I won the first place in the online ranking through whole country at the song ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga. The other day I ranked first at the song ‘Brown Eyes’ too.
But I’m not good at singing specially.
The number of entry is a very few in English songs.
Even if your score is low, you can get No.1 ranking. But Japanese songs are very difficult,especially vocaloids’songs.
There are hundreds or thousands entries.
Do you know ‘Hatune Miku’?   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application.
The songs created by vocaloids are very popular among young generation.
There is a communication site for karaoke lovers ‘Utasuki‘ operated by Joysound.
On that site you can see the videos of the group in cosplay singing vocaloids’songs.
They look so happy.
Also it has the function of checking the history and score and making a friend like Facebook. Is there the online ranking system like Utasuki in your country? 
By the way, are there karaoke restaurants that have many small karaoke rooms?
If not, Joysound should take advantage of opportunities in business, I think.

My best score song is this ‘Yukigeshou’by Teresa Teng.

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