Memorial Karaoke of Jon Lord

I read Jon Load’s death on the morning paper.
I used to listen to Deep Purple in my teens.
Today I had a plan to go to karaoke with my friends.
Then suddenly I became a hard rocker!
I san out ‘Smoke on the Water’ ‘Highway Star’ ‘Black Night’
But they include a long solo part of guitar in the middle of song.
I can’t wait the end of solo.  I cut off and changed to other song.
I admit their guitar is great though.
The video of their concert ran on the screen.  It was really good.
I found out Ritchie Blackmore in the video which was a long forgotten name.
In addition, I sang Led Zeppelin’s songs.  They are good too. 
I’ll add them on my song list.
I liked British music in the ’70s.
How is the situation of British music scene now?
If you know, please leave a comment.

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