I Attended a Funeral

Because my husband’s mother died last saturday,
I went to Nagano where is far from here.
As I get older, people around me have passed away one by one.
I have needed to face to face with death gradually.
His mother lived a modest and frugal life in a rural area.
She got weaker little by little and died in her sleep without pain.
I think she was happy.

I attended the rite of placing a dead body in a coffin for the first time.
It is considered that the dead people make a long journey to heaven, crossing the river.
So we shrouded her in a white outfit and put goods
such as food, printed paper coins, amulet in her bag to cross the river.
Her favorite or precious things were placed with her.
I feel the final farewell at the crematorium is the hardest time for me.

Deceased family looks very busy after someone’s death.
I asked my father to prepare his own funeral before death.
He said “Don’t worry! I will live more 20 years.”
But He is already over 80 ・・・

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