I Started “Pinterest”

I opened my account at “Pinterest”  Photo sharing service.


Pinterest began in the United States, so I suppose many Americans have already known it.   But it’s not popular in Japan yet.   It seems that users are mainly women.  It’s very easy to use the sites.   It doesn’t need English skill much.  (good to me^^)   It’s very nice to be able to share Pinterest’s photos with Facebook friends.  Maybe with Twitter too.   I’m not belong to Twitter yet…  In the beginning I thought what was interesting???   But I found it interesting  in browsing through.   I search for nice photos for my collection every day.  What a waste of time!   I also want to upload my photo works some day.  I heard that Japanese on-line shopping company “Rakuten” invested in Pinterest.  Good decision!


Social networking services are now very popular throughout the world.  Recently, there seems to be voice posting service too.  But it’s not easy to monetize those services.   Pinterest for free,  this blog for free  internet for free.  What a good age we live in.   According to the newspaper,  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “we don’t provide the service to make money.  we want the social bond of people to  strengthen”   Investors may feel at a loss.  Stock became half price of the first listing.


I think people in this modern era seek for spiritual relationship rather than material wealth.  After people are filled with a certain amount of material thing, do they desire for spiritual relationship with people having similar taste on the net?   Not only family and community but friends on the net …   By the way, how do American make so many Facebook friends?  hundreds, thousands friends…

I spend time for  SNS,  even not bringing money.  Especially it takes time to write this blog, translating with a dictionary(This blog is English version of my original one. Look at the personal link)  Why am I doing  these?   I feel the unique world on the internet.  I feel the warmth of people I meet there.    It’s very interesting and it’s fun.   Thank you for reading my blog(*^.^*)   An accounting teacher said only what is written down means existence.   No record means non-existence.   I ‘d like to leave something by writing this blog while I’m alive.

I Love Karaoke

During June of this year I started singing at a karaoke place.  I often go to karaoke with my daughter.   It is fun.   In the past I didn’t like singing because I couldn’t sing  well.    Now I can sing better.  Why?   I think it’s because I occasionally talked to my children in a loud voice,  moreover workout at the sport club that also improves my voice too.   Singing is the best way to release stress.  It  makes me feel good.   It also beautifies your abdominal and facial muscles due to deep breath and oral movements .   I recommend karaoke  especially to the elderly.   There are many senior karaoke fans in Japan.     I wonder if it’s the same system in other countries.   Karaoke became popular in Japan in the 80’s,  and not only young but older people enjoy singing now.

Karaoke stations  have many small rooms.

They charge  280 yen per person per hour,  but they offer various discounts.   You can order food and drinks.

My musical tastes are different  from my daughter.   She likes vocaloid such as Hatsune Miku.   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in commands.   Many songs  have very fast tempo like tongue twisters,  very high tones, and  difficult rhythms.

She sings  Hatsune Miku songs.

The anime song  “Gintama”

 I assume I may be too old to sing rock music, but I like it.   I sing  not only the recent hit, but the 70’s ones too.   Today I sang “Day after Day” by Bad Finger.   I  knew this song from the radio when I was a little girl.   That record was the first one I bought in my life.   It was also  my first exposure to western music.   I  used to listen to rock music during my teens.   I listened to strange music such as King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Parker too.    I wonder how many Japanese  know of them.   I think I was a strange girl.   Today I sang King Crimson’s song.   “I talk to the wind~  The wind does not hear~ The wind cannot hear~”  Of course not!

I sometimes sing lady Gaga songs.

Madonna and Avril Lavigne’s songs are difficult to sing (>_<)

I like to listen to Black Eyed Peas.

I like Queen too.

I watched James Brown’s concert that was held in Las Vegas.

Deep Purple   Oh,  this is a good old film!

Japanese group, “Sid”, is the only artist that both my daughter and I like

I Unexpectedly Met Kumamon!

When I went downtown, I unexpectedly met Kumamon.  He was performing in an event.   I saw real Kumamon for the first time.  Kumamon is a publicity character created to aim at vitalizing and boosting this area economy.   He is very popular here.

at bakery

at cake shop

at department store

crane game

at luggage store       what a big kumamon backpack!

at  clothing shop

at candy shop                                              bus pass

My Emotion is Still Running High…

My emotion at the Olympics is still running high.  But I don’t mean sport.  I mean rock concert at the closing ceremony.  Though I pay my respect to all Olympic athletes, to tell the truth I’m not very interested in sport.

Anyway British Music. I was hooked on rock music in my teens, and wasn’t much interested in my 20s, and lost fascination after having children. (Recently, I like to listen to music again.) So I didn’t know some of them on the ceremony.

My impression:  Running lighting “Freedom” over the audience was fantastic at George Micheal’s song.  “Freedom”singing by all audience.  It looked fun.   Eurythmics!  Wow, I had totally forgotten this name.  Annie Lennox is 57 years old now!   How cool she is!   Her voice stays attractive.  The spice girls were very nice.  Their dresses were also cute.  I wish if I could sing it like them.  Really Really Want…  Fashion!  Fashion! Super models were gorgeous.  Naomi Campbell is now 42 years old!  Look at her incredible beauty.  Kate Moss is beautiful too.  Russel Brand singing with a bullhorn was cool.  Is he a comedian?   Jessey J.  What a singer!   She has a strong presence.   Taio Cruis is British, isn’t he.  I thought he was American.   I like his song “Dynamite”.  I want to sing it at next karaoke time.    When Jessy, Taio and Tinie Tempah sang together, the stadium became a huge disco.

And the final, The Who!  It didn’t ring a bell at first, but the song “See Me Feel Me” recalled the image of Roger Daltrey.  This song makes me cry. I used to listen “Tommy”.  At that time, Roger wore curly blond hair and the costume with a lot of strings.  How old is he?   He is 68.  Does he take an anti-aging supplements or something?  What a great artist!   I was so impressed. Of course,  other member of the group were nice too.

I want to watch USA Olympic closing ceremony(rock concert).  It must be awesome.

I paste the video of the final scene.

The Who in 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony

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A Documentary Film

I rented a documentary film “Inside Job” which I mentioned in the previous article  https://happyuan.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/   This film won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.  It is described by Charles Ferguson how the late-2000s financial crisis happened .  Many big names were interviewed.  But Robert Rubin(the 70th United States Secretary of the Treasury),Larry summers(the 71st United States Secretary of the Treasury )Henry Paulson(the 74th United States of the Treasury)Alan Greenspan(Chairman of the FRB1987-2007)Ben Bernanke(Chairman of the FRB),  they declined to be interviewed.    There exists systemic corruption among the bureaucrats, politicians, businesses and scholars.  It’s common to all nations .  I think that Japan has the same kind of problem relating to construction of nuclear power plants.  This happens in other countries as well.  But America has a significant impact on world.  Martin Wolf of the Finantical Times said that it was global ponzi scheme. Ragharam Rajarn of IMF2003-2007 pointed out irrationality that trader got huge cash bonuses based on short-term profit, but was imposed no penalties for later losses. I so agree with him.

What can  ordinary people do to change?  I think that it was very hard to make this film.  I’d like to pay my respect to Charles Ferguson.

Did You Watch Olympics Closing Ceremony?

I was doing housework listening to the sound from TV.   Then I was surprised at the voice of “Freddie Mercury”of Qneen.  Of course it was just his image on  video screen, not real one.  But it really moved me.  I wish he were alive.  I saw Queen for the first time in decades.   Whoa, Brian has white hair now!  Roger became a little chunky! But they are cool as they once were.  “Where is John Deacon?”   He seems to have retired.

During my school days,I was a big fan of Queen.  I went to their first concert in Japan.   I recall that my school friend and I went to the concert in Fukuoka even though it was  far from my house. I liked Freddie the most. In Japan, they shared the limelight with Bay City Rollers at that time. Although it’s hard to believe now. I used to buy “Music Life”  Japanese music magazine. But my mother threw those magazines and records away before I knew it.  It’s a shame.

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The following day, I watched full-length video of the ceremony on internet. What a show! Awesome! ! Superb! Gorgeous!UK music is great! Hip Hip Hooray! Thank you UK!

I also wanted to see Led Zeppelin.

Japanese Culture Emoticon and Gyaru

Reading blogs written in English, I noticed the difference of emoticon between Japan and other countries.

When I first saw smiley : )  I didn’t understand the meaning. Now I understand I should look it sideways.  It is fun that smiley turns pictogram on WORD. I tried another : (   also changed.  How cute! Is there any other convertible emoticon?

There are  many emoticons  in Japan. Japanese popular emoticons are the followings.

(^^) smiling, (T_T)crying, m(_)m bowing, (@@)surprised, dizzy, (>_<)pain, failure, (- -;) embarrassed.  Can you understand?  My favorite emoticon is (≧∀≦)  I use this in various cases as joy, shy,  embarrassed, but I wonder if this is garbled here….  Various people creat their original emoticon from simple one to complicated one. For example, ” I Love (*v_v)σ ★―You―★”.

The other day I found some blogger who is a British girl uses the same type of emoticon.


She is very cute.  She looks like Japanese gyaru. Gyaru have dyed hair, from dark brown to blonde(she doesn’t need to), decorated nails, and dramatic makeup. There seems to be several kinds of Gyaru.

Hime(princess) Gyaru

Gothloli (gothic & lolita) Gyaru

These gyaru fashion is  popular in young people.

Then I introduced “Tokyo kawaii TV” to her. This TV show focuses on gyaru fashion, a lot of cute goods,etc.


But this TV station seems not to allow it on YouTube.  I couldn’t find it. So I link the different one instead. They are university students.

I think Japanese girls tend to be cute and childish rather than being grown-up or sexy.  That is opposite to the girls in western culture. Am I right?

I’ll introduce not only personal matters but Japanese culture in this blog (^^)/