Did You Watch Olympics Closing Ceremony?

I was doing housework listening to the sound from TV.   Then I was surprised at the voice of “Freddie Mercury”of Qneen.  Of course it was just his image on  video screen, not real one.  But it really moved me.  I wish he were alive.  I saw Queen for the first time in decades.   Whoa, Brian has white hair now!  Roger became a little chunky! But they are cool as they once were.  “Where is John Deacon?”   He seems to have retired.

During my school days,I was a big fan of Queen.  I went to their first concert in Japan.   I recall that my school friend and I went to the concert in Fukuoka even though it was  far from my house. I liked Freddie the most. In Japan, they shared the limelight with Bay City Rollers at that time. Although it’s hard to believe now. I used to buy “Music Life”  Japanese music magazine. But my mother threw those magazines and records away before I knew it.  It’s a shame.

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The following day, I watched full-length video of the ceremony on internet. What a show! Awesome! ! Superb! Gorgeous!UK music is great! Hip Hip Hooray! Thank you UK!

I also wanted to see Led Zeppelin.


4 thoughts on “Did You Watch Olympics Closing Ceremony?

  1. I was a fan of Queen, too. Did they come to Fukuoka? I don’t remember …Too bad your mother threw away your old music magazines. They may have become valuable old stuff now worth a lot of money

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