My Emotion is Still Running High…

My emotion at the Olympics is still running high.  But I don’t mean sport.  I mean rock concert at the closing ceremony.  Though I pay my respect to all Olympic athletes, to tell the truth I’m not very interested in sport.

Anyway British Music. I was hooked on rock music in my teens, and wasn’t much interested in my 20s, and lost fascination after having children. (Recently, I like to listen to music again.) So I didn’t know some of them on the ceremony.

My impression:  Running lighting “Freedom” over the audience was fantastic at George Micheal’s song.  “Freedom”singing by all audience.  It looked fun.   Eurythmics!  Wow, I had totally forgotten this name.  Annie Lennox is 57 years old now!   How cool she is!   Her voice stays attractive.  The spice girls were very nice.  Their dresses were also cute.  I wish if I could sing it like them.  Really Really Want…  Fashion!  Fashion! Super models were gorgeous.  Naomi Campbell is now 42 years old!  Look at her incredible beauty.  Kate Moss is beautiful too.  Russel Brand singing with a bullhorn was cool.  Is he a comedian?   Jessey J.  What a singer!   She has a strong presence.   Taio Cruis is British, isn’t he.  I thought he was American.   I like his song “Dynamite”.  I want to sing it at next karaoke time.    When Jessy, Taio and Tinie Tempah sang together, the stadium became a huge disco.

And the final, The Who!  It didn’t ring a bell at first, but the song “See Me Feel Me” recalled the image of Roger Daltrey.  This song makes me cry. I used to listen “Tommy”.  At that time, Roger wore curly blond hair and the costume with a lot of strings.  How old is he?   He is 68.  Does he take an anti-aging supplements or something?  What a great artist!   I was so impressed. Of course,  other member of the group were nice too.

I want to watch USA Olympic closing ceremony(rock concert).  It must be awesome.

I paste the video of the final scene.

The Who in 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony

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4 thoughts on “My Emotion is Still Running High…

  1. Annie Lennox is an icon indeed. Watch this performance.

    She is so natural, so very natural (especially compared to American actresses who are plastered in the face to high heaven, making them lose their original features). This, contrary to what they believe, will NOT get them more roles, but fewer. I cannot bear to watch a film with plastered actors who look like wax figures.

    Do you know of Madame Tussaud’s in London? Google it, watch the wax figures, and you’ll see what I mean. :~)

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