I Unexpectedly Met Kumamon!

When I went downtown, I unexpectedly met Kumamon.  He was performing in an event.   I saw real Kumamon for the first time.  Kumamon is a publicity character created to aim at vitalizing and boosting this area economy.   He is very popular here.

at bakery

at cake shop

at department store

crane game

at luggage store       what a big kumamon backpack!

at  clothing shop

at candy shop                                              bus pass

17 thoughts on “I Unexpectedly Met Kumamon!

  1. I bought Kumamoto shochu with Kumamon logo on the bottle at JR Hakata station when I was back in hometown, Fukuoka, last time. It was so cute I could not resist to buy it. I see you are using it as your profile photo. Can anybody use it freely? BTW, the shochu was really tasty. Kumamoto produces very good shochu.

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