“KISS” and Women’s Clothing Retailer “Honeys”

I hold shares in women’s clothing retailer “Honeys”   This company sends shareholders a free ticket once a year.  The amount depends on how many shares you hold.  I’m given 3000yen every year.    I didn’t use it all up yet even though its expiry date was close.   I couldn’t have found my taste of clothes every time I visited.  Why do you think I invested this company?   I thought the share price was too low.  Anyway I went shopping to use the ticket last week before expiry.   Honeys operates women’s clothing shops not only in Japan but China.


In the shop, I found a T-shirt with KISS printed on the front.   As a matter of fact, I like KISS.  I used to listen to their music in the 70s.  KISS is the famous rock group for painted face.  Of course their music is cool too.   They look scary but their music doesn’t sound scary. lol   I like Paul Stanley’s voice.   By the way,  why does Honeys sell these T-shirts ?  Is KISS popular among Japanese women?  Do they ever know Kiss?   I don’t think so.   I’m sure Japanese women like EXILE or ARASHI….  hmm..  mystery.

I bought this T-shirt.   It was 1200yen, 20% off from 1500yen at clearance sale.  I paid all by using free ticket.

Do you think  it’s weird for  a middle-aged woman like me to wear this T-shirt?   I don’t care.  I’ll wear what I want for the rest of my life.  I sing a medley of their hit songs at karaoke in these days.   They created not only hard rock but ballads.  I think “Beth” is an ageless great song.


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