Fall Foliage And Felix Baumgartner

I don’t take an English conversation lesson regularly, but I attend the English class once in a while which picks a topic in advance.   I can decide whether to go or not.  I attended the class of “Beautiful Fall  of North America” last week.

First of all, the teacher talked about New England, where the Puritans immigrated to.  It has 6 states.  Do you know where they are?  I didn’t know the exact location.

RI means Rhode Island.   Ontario,Quebec and New Brunswick in Canada have the border with New England.  We can get the information about fall foliage from yankeefoliage.com    Fall colors are fading already!  How about Middle America?    Central Il   It looks like peak now. How about West?   Southern CA         Looking around my house, trees remain green.  I live in the southern part of Japan.  Fall foliage of this area isn’t impressive.

After that, we had a small talk about Felix Baumgartner.  I didn’t know his big news.  Do you know RedBullStratos?   Redbullstratos.com
According to wiki,
“He set the world record for skydiving an estimated 39 kilometres (24 mi), reaching an estimated speed of 1,342 kilometres per hour (834 mph), or Mach 1.24, on 14 October 2012, and became the first person to break the sound barrier on his descent without vehicular power.”
Wow!  It’s hard to believe.  What a crazy man!  He is an Australian.  It was also new to me that Red Bull is an Australian energy drink.

Tuition-Free Cooking Class

I attend a cooking class at the community center once a month.   It is 6-part series till next month without paying tuition fee.   Only fee for cooking ingredients is required.  “Today’s menu” was  carrot bagel, Thai-style salad, almond jelly and Pizza.

Do you know how to make bagels?   Bagels need to be boiled before being baked.  Eye-opening recipe!

I’ve come to make pizza at home since taking this class.  Cooking in the oven allows me to cut down my time in the kitchen.  Furthermore I use the ready-made dough at home.  At the class, we made dough from flour.

I enjoy the delicious meal every time.  My husband also attends a men’s cooking class.  It is convenient that the class takes place on Saturdays, his off days.   I recommended the class to him.  Participants are mostly retired men.   I hear they make a hilarious mistake.  For example, when they make a soup, they keep chicken and discard the cooking liquid!   Wait!   That is the soup!  They don’t understand …

My Halloween Shopping

I attended a small Halloween party.   The participants were required to wear a Halloween costume.   I would have been embarrassed.  Then I bought several Halloween goods as accessories.  A black cat pouch,  a strap and a candy tin.

This tin can be used as a candle holder.

I found nice hair accessories at the shop near party location.  A fancy hairdo?

I had my picture taken with handcrafted Mr. pumpkin by party staff.

Have a freakishly fun Halloween!



High School Sports Day

In Japan, there is a school event called “Wundoukai” Sports Day once a year.   On that day, students’ family members go and see the results of their children’s effort and enjoy a picnic lunch together.  My daughter’s high school held it this month.  There were standard plays such as relay and running races, a tug-of-war, dance…

Relay race

Tug of war

There was a costume parade too.

“Ohendan” cheering squads attract people’s attention.  No mini-skirts and pompons, the all-male groups (there are exceptions, though) are disciplined.  Squad members wear team-color costume and compete on their performance to the beat of a Japanese drum.

If you want to watch the whole performance, click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TS4SdH-lXk

All students sing their shool song at the end of a sports day.

I created YouTube account to upload these videos.  It was very easy.  I hope overseas readers will find them interesting.

Happy Yuan is My New Name

I recently noticed something.   When I do a google search for my username “happyuan,”  the terrifying sentences appear at the bottom of the page.(In Japan, google’s address is google.co.jp, not com.  The sentences are Japanese.  So I don’t know the same situation in overseas)

To response to a complaint we received under the US Digital millennium Copyright Act., we have removed 19 results from this page.  If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removals at ChillingEffects.org.

What!  What’s going on???  And I clicked to check the reason of removal.  The next words appeared.

Child Pornography Complaint

Oh my goodness!!!  According the letter, Google received this complaint in 2007.  Why does this message appear now?  When I started this blog, I didn’t see it.  I wonder if there was another happyuan?  and was the person involved in child pornography?  I decided to change my name.  New name is Happy Yuan.   I just split it in two. lol   I hope problems won’t occur again.

Yuan is Chinese language (I’m Japanese, though)  It’s the same with “yuan” as Chinese currency.  I use this because I like its pronunciation.  When you type “happy yuan” to search, the result includes Happy Yuan Xiao Festival.  It seems New Years Festival.  It sounds good.

What A Growth Stock! My Unforgettable Investment Experience

I have several Japanese companies’ stocks.  In 2005, I read a book written about portfolio approach.  It all started from that book.  After watching financial markets, I started investing around 2008.  After bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, financial markets were in chaos.  It was like that the Dow Jones Average plunged by 300 points and the next day it rose 200 and the next day tumbled 300 again.  I think it was valuable experience for me to observe markets at such a historical crisis.

I prefer bargain stock rather than growth.  I especially like stocks which have Japanese unique system “shareholder special benefit plan.”   It is the system that company sends a gift to shareholders, mostly its company’s product.

One day in 2009, I bought eyewear chain JIN stock.  http://www.jins-jp.com/about_en/  Because this company gives each shareholder a 5000 yen discount coupon a year.  I have good eyesight, but recently I came to need reading glasses because of my age.  This company CEO Jin Tanaka is a good-looking man.

This stock fell down terribly at the Lehman Shock.  At that time, he met Fast Retailing CEO Tadashi Yanai running “UNIQLO.”  Then, Yanai asked him what his company’s business value was?”  He was stuck for the answer.  It was a turning point.  He rebuilt his business.  He challenges to raise company’s value now.  The stock price shows it. The record low price was only 39 at 02/02/09.  What do you think the current price is ?  Look at this chart.


Amazing!  1923 yen today!!!  Share unit is 1000.    39,000 yen becomes 1,923,000 yen in only three and a half years!  Unfortunately I don’t have it any more.  When it became the double, I sold it.  After reading some articles whipping up enthusiasm among investors,  I was afraid of cats and dogs stock.  I wish if I held ….  I can’t buy it any more(T_T)

JIN released eyeglasses for PC users last year.  I hear that these glasses protect your eyes from the blue ray of computer screen.  I purchased them.  These are very good.   My eyes aren’t tired with these glasses.  Now I want glasses that don’t touch my nose. Because glasses leave marks on my nose and makeup comes off.  Please create such glasses , Tanaka-san.

Mirror Mirror

I don’t often go to a movie, but having a free ticket, I visited a movie theater.   Though I was interested in” The Hunger Games”,   survival story sounded like stress to me.  Then, I saw “Mirror Mirror.”   The other day, TV show introduced this movie as Eiko Ishioka’s last costume design work.

I recommend to watch it in a movie theater rather than DVD.  It was visually beautiful.  Costumes were very gorgeous.  But “The Hunger Games” may be better for men.  I suggest this for women. (stereotype?)  You can enjoy it lightly and it can be a feast for the eyes.

In the beginning of the movie, I was surprised at Snow White’s thick brows(@o@)   As seeing the movie , I came to feel her very charming.  I hear Lily Collins as Snow White is a daughter of Phil Collins.  I went to his concert when “Against All  Odds” was popular.  According to Wiki, he seems to have retired.  He is British, isn’t he?  I listen to the music without consciousness whether American or British.

Back to the movie.  Black Magic Puppets were eerie.  Nathan Lane as Brian was a familiar face.  He looks like Jim Rogers, a famous investor.  Julia Roberts was made up as a queen.  The evil queen reminded me of my pinterest photo I pinned recently.

But I think women want to have both good heart and good looks.

What Day Is It Today?

What day is it today?

Today is my birthday.   Happy Birthday!  Thank you! (double role)

And today is the Investment Day in Japan.  That’s why I like investment?

And today is the anniversary of my favorite singer, Janis Joplin’s death.   I’m glad I have things in common with her.  I believe she lives happily, singing blues in heaven.

And today, I created Happyuan Facebook page.   Hooray!   l upload my selected photos from Pinterest, which I wrote about before.    https://happyuan.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/i-started-pinterest/  I’ve already uploaded several photos.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Happyuan/476873692331627

This page is community site.  Please feel free to post, leave comments and write to me if you have any feedback.   I would appreciate it if you would give a like to the page.

In addition I started Twitter yesterday!    https://twitter.com/happyuanblog    I don’t really know about Twitter yet.

Am I addicted to social networking services?