Tuition-Free Cooking Class

I attend a cooking class at the community center once a month.   It is 6-part series till next month without paying tuition fee.   Only fee for cooking ingredients is required.  “Today’s menu” was  carrot bagel, Thai-style salad, almond jelly and Pizza.

Do you know how to make bagels?   Bagels need to be boiled before being baked.  Eye-opening recipe!

I’ve come to make pizza at home since taking this class.  Cooking in the oven allows me to cut down my time in the kitchen.  Furthermore I use the ready-made dough at home.  At the class, we made dough from flour.

I enjoy the delicious meal every time.  My husband also attends a men’s cooking class.  It is convenient that the class takes place on Saturdays, his off days.   I recommended the class to him.  Participants are mostly retired men.   I hear they make a hilarious mistake.  For example, when they make a soup, they keep chicken and discard the cooking liquid!   Wait!   That is the soup!  They don’t understand …

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