New Flamenco Costume

Recently, I danced wearing the costume I bought in Tokyo.   How do I look?     At first, I hesitated to buy such a showy dress because I’m not good at flamenco yet.  But I changed my mind.  I should start from the style.  This dress seems to be for a ballroom dance, but whatever is OK.  A woman in the mirror is my teacher.

flamenco lesson

A series of articles about Kumafes,  the festival of Japanese pop culture, will start from the next.   Please look forward to it!

4 thoughts on “New Flamenco Costume

  1. This may be a dumb question… but I watched the Japanese movie ‘Shall We Dance’ and was wondering if there really is a stigma about dancing in general in your culture? Or rather ballroom type dancing not all dancing of course. The movie soft of portrayed that feeling.

    • Hi,Susie. I know of the movie, but haven’t seen it yet. As your comment is interesting, I’d like to see it soon 🙂 Roughly speaking, many Japanese like dancing. However ballroom dancing is special. Many people aren’t familiar with it. It is very popular in some of the senior though. The most popular dance is hip-hop! Young people, from kids to 20’s dance very well. Recently, belly dance is also popular in women, from 20’s to 50’s.

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