“Mamy Rock” 72-Year-Old DJ Ruth Flowers

Super Granny Series #5

This post is about Ruth Flowers of England.   You may have heard of her.  She is a 72-year-old disk jockey, also known as “Mamy Rock”.

ruth flowers

Reference  MamyRock

It all started when she happened to go to a club with her grandson.   Then she fell in love with the atmosphere of the club.  She started DJing around 2005.  That means…  when she was 65 years old!  Wow!   It’s never too late to start something new.   I decided to become a granny rock star when I got to karaoke.   She says in the video “Never follow the crowd”    This expression reminds me of the people on Wall Street.

However, I can’t ignore wrinkles around her mouth (>_<)


2 thoughts on ““Mamy Rock” 72-Year-Old DJ Ruth Flowers

  1. DJ Granny looks to have rocked so hard she has a broken or hurt left arm. It has a cast or something similar on it. She seems like a fun person to talk to.

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