Social Language Learning Part1 Lang-8

Have you noticed something different with my posts recently?   To tell the truth, I have published the posts after getting corrections by natives.    In February,  I was motivated by Yumi’s blog and decided to study English.   She is a porcelain artist and studying English on the internet to fulfill her dream.    It is boring for me to study English by using a textbook.   I thought if there were any social websites for studying English, I might be able to continue learning.   Then I searched for language learning sites.  After all, I created nearly 10 accounts.  Wow!

Out of them all, my most favorite is Lang-8 since it provides specialized services for writing.    After submitting your journals in almost any language, some other users kindly correct them for free.  (they are not always corrected though)    Of course, you can also make friends, leave comments and send messages.   As I wanted to do something for my English which has many grammatical mistakes, Lang-8 is just what I needed.   The corrections by native speakers help me learn a lot about English grammar.    Also, it’s just fun to correct foreigners’ Japanese journals.  Please refer to   I feel like I have become a teacher. lol

Surprisingly, a young Japanese man, Ki Yoyo 喜洋洋 started up this site when he was 23 back in 2007.   He is amazing.   The site he created helps a lot of people all over the world.  Please read the  article.

Incidentally,  喜羊羊 is a name of famous anime character in China.  Both have the same pronunciation”xi yang yang”in Chinese.  The sound seems to have a happy and hilarious image in China.  Referent:


The next posting will be about another favorite site.

9 thoughts on “Social Language Learning Part1 Lang-8

  1. I enjoy Lang-8 myself. My name on Lang-8 is “齐冉 Kieran”. Find me and I will be happy to polish your English.

    • Hello,Kieran. I’m so glad you read my blog. I sent you a friend request on Lang-8. Your Japanese and Chinese are awesome! I’m also thinking to study Chinese in the future. Yoroshikune 🙂

      • I have enjoyed your language learning posts and had just started using LingQ at your suggestion. I can recommend you materials for Chinese if you like. Let’s keep on touch on Lang-8! And I am “Kieran” on LingQ.

        • Thank you. I’m glad you liked the posts. I started Chinese on LingQ as you recommend. I’ve learned a little before, so I enjoy it so far. I wish LingQ had Chinese pages with pinyin.

  2. This site is really cool. I will have to check it out. I could use some pointers with my Spanish writing. And eventually when I study other languages it should help me learn to write better in those too.

  3. Hi, HappyYuan-san, how are you?
    I talked about Lang-8 (thanks for telling me about it) in the reading club I host once a month or so. Guess what – one of the members is the founder of Lang-8’s friend. What a small world!

    • Hi,tukusigal. Thank you. I’m very busy these days, but all right. Pollen allery has gone! It’s a small world(@_@) The reading club sounds interesting. Have you written about it in your blog?

      • The pollen allergy season already is over? Good to hear that. No, I have not written about the readlng club in my blog, because it does not fit the theme of my blog. It’s not easy to choose a date for meetings as everybody is busy. But I am glad I am hosting it as I got to know people like this guy who is a friend of the founder of Lang-8.

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