The Cherry Blossom Season

It’s getting warmer and warmer day by day. Now the cherry trees are in full bloom in Kumamoto. Last Saturday, my family went to see the cherry blossoms in a park which is very close to my house. People were having a picnic lunch under the trees. Children were sliding down the grassy slope,  and playing on the grass with a ball or jump rope.


10 thoughts on “The Cherry Blossom Season

    • Thank you for the comment, luvniku (^^) It is raining in Kyshu today. So cherry flowers are already starting to fall. The period of full bloom is very short. Enjoy it!

  1. The blossoms are very pretty in Kumamoto!

    Someone invited me to watch the cherry blossoms and do yakiniku in their backyard last weekend. I was looking forward to doing Hanami!

    …But then when I got there….there were no cherry trees!!! o_o

    • Thank you for the comment. In northern Japan, it isn’t the hanami season yet as well. By the way, I wonder why easter isn’t popular in Japan. We are familiar with Christmas and Halloween though.

  2. You got a wide range of color difference! From very pink to very pale. I wonder what makes the color so different if it is the same type of tree?

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