The Active Volcano “Aso”

My daughter and I went to “Aso” this month. Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan. It also has one of the largest calderas in the world. We can get to the Aso area in only an hour’s drive from our house. In another 30 minutes  we can reach the craters of the volcano. Even though I live nearby, I rarely go to Aso. It was a warm spring day, but the mountains are still brown. There were only a  few visitors.   However, the mountains will turn a beautiful green in May and many tourists visit.



We made it to the top of the mountain.

The earth is alive!


Get into the shelter when something happens?!

Does“Jizo”protect us? “お願い地蔵” means “make a wish on Jizo”?

Is this a scapegoat”身代不動” for us when something happens?


When I was strolling along the walking trail, suddenly people around me,  including myself,  had a slight coughing fit. When I turned back later, I realized that volcano gas was drifting over the spot.




4 thoughts on “The Active Volcano “Aso”

  1. Oh my I don’t think that shelter would help very much if Aso decided to blow it’s top.
    Was it very smelly there? Since you live near an active volcano are there any natural hot springs locally too?

    • Ahaha, neither do I. The gas wasn’t very smelly. That was why I inhaled without noticing. There are many onsens in Aso area. In addition, there are several natural springs. People visit there to fill some water in the containers so as to drink at home. It’s free.

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