Aso Farm Land

When we descended from Aso, it was about lunch time.   My daughter and I went to “Aso Farm Land,” a resort facility.


We had a  buffet lunch at the restaurant, “Harvest”.  Dishes were made from local ingredients.


I ate it all up.


This facility has many shops.  This is a chopstick shop.


A Vegetable  factory


I saw mushrooms before they are cut for the first time.



We took a bath at “Aso Volcano Onsen” in the same facility.  The following pictures are from its website.


Nobody was there!   10 bathtubs were all ours!   Was it very quiet because it was a weekday in the off-season?   We were hopping in and out outdoor bathtubs.   I had a strange feeling that was a mixture of shyness and release, when I walked around naked under the sun.


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