“American Idol”

Recently, I haven’t been able to afford to watch TV enough, but sometimes enjoy watching “American Idol”   I assume you’re familiar with this show.  So the explanation about it won’t be needed.  Every time I watch it, the contestants’ confident way of singing impresses me.   Additionally, more than that, the judges amaze me.  The expressions of their comments are always rich and interesting.  I feel the cultural differences between Japan and America.  I think most Japanese can’t speak that way. We should learn the variation of praise and so on from them.

On this program, I saw Nicki Minaj for the first time.   Her attitude is appealing to me.   Her comments, voice, songs and fashion are very attractive. Here is one of her flashy videos.  Look at her boobs! They have great shape(゜o゜)

By the way, I’m surprised to know “Saturday Night Live” is still running.   I once watched it many years ago. There is no way to watch it for free in Japan now. Its videos on NBC website are blocked here. It’s a pity. However, I found out how to watch on “hulu” for a fee.  I like comedy or variety shows. Do you have any recommendations of comedy drama or something?


10 thoughts on ““American Idol”

  1. I admit the only part of the show I like is the first part, where they show the bad singers. I am always amazed and some of the funny things people do. Do some of these people actually think they can sing well or are they doing it just for their 15 minutes of fame? I wonder that all the time.

  2. So many things in Youtube Japan are blocked. A lot of the songs by the Japanese singers I saved in my Youtube have been taken out on account of copyright infringement. I have heard about hulu. Do you like it?

    • Hi, tukusigal. How are you? It’s been a while. I was thinking you were too busy to update your blog. Hulu looks very nice, but it costs 980yen monthly in Japan. So I haven’t joined. In the US, it’s free! I tried to access hulu in the US directly and of course it was blocked. Bummer!

      • My job situation has become rather stressful over the past several months, so I was away from blogging for a while. Now it’s getting better. Oh no, you can’t access hulu in the U.S. directly? That must be a bummer…

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