My Mobile Phone

What kind of phone are you using?  I’ve had my current mobile phone for a little more than 2 years.  It’s a basic Sony model.   The phone itself was free, provided that I use it at least two years.  I use a few of the phone’s functions, such as text messaging and the alarm clock.   Moreover,  I use its camera, which performs better than my digital camera.

However, I never use my phone to connect to the internet.  That would cause  my monthly fee to jump up.  I usually stay at home and use my laptop, so there is no need for it.  The number of people using smart phones and tablets has been rapidly increasing in recent years.

I bought a WiFi model iPad mini last month.  This is my first time purchasing  Apple products.  This is a very convenient tool for outside use.  It’s handy and the right size for my bag. The covered iPad mini looks like a book.  I only had to pay for the device itself: no other monthly fee are needed.  I use many different functions and apps including Skype.  At first, it seems strange when speaking into my iPad, but I’m gradually getting used to it.  There are many useful apps for free.  Maybe I’m getting close to becoming  “high-tech”

By the way, my son also bought an iPod touch.  He is always playing the game “Puzzle and Dragons”  which is very popular in Japan now(>_<)


13 thoughts on “My Mobile Phone

  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I LOVE it. It is by far the best phone I have ever owned. I had an iPhone and didn’t like it because of it’s restrictions. But I love my Samsung, the camera on it is wonderful and I can connect it to any computer not just one to manage my file storage on it. With the iPhone you can only perform certain functions on a computer that you synch with.

  2. Hi, Susie. All right. I’ll bring Samsung back in mind, but can’t afford to buy a smartphone for the time being. You seem to know “high-tech” gadgets well.

  3. Hello(^^)/ I think most people don’t really need one, but they have. It’s a kind of killing-time gadget:P Don’t be addicted. BTW, did you go to Hawaii yet?

  4. I use an iPad mini with the cellular data plan. I love it. For easy use, Apple is always the best. For phone, I use a cheap LG model with a prepaid plan. I have used Skype in my iPad mini. I felt weird but I got used to it. It works great. My purse is heavy carrying both the iPad mini and the cell phone, but the screen of an iphone would be too small for my eyes, so I will keep using the iPad mini and the prepaid cell phone for a while, I guess.

    • You are a smart user. I agree with you. However, I was surprised Apple Japan suddenly raised the price of every ipad drastically this month! I bought it for 28800yen, and it’s now 32800yen(@_@) Expensive!

      • They raised the price?! They are the only one who can do a thing like that. They think people will still want their products. That’s outrageous! But I will still love Apple – I have a Macbook, an iPod nano, an iPad mini, i-whatever, you name it.

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