Practice Speaking English with Rap Music

My favorite singers are Janis Joplin and Madonna, and I added Nicki Minaj recently.  Last week, I came across a video where Nicki and Madonna were having a conversation.  Nicki is very unique and fresh.  On the contrary, Madonna is a mature adult and has the air of the Queen of Pop.  I love both of them.

I’ve been listening to Nicki’s music while driving these days.  She is a rapper.  Although rap music isn’t my taste, I like her music, especially her voice.  It’s amazing that she can sing the rap part clearly in spite of the very quick tempo.  I thought it might be a good exercise for English pronunciation, or for my face muscle.  So, I’m practicing one of her songs “Starships”, though I mind a little that it includes some dirty words.  It’s very difficult for me to pronounce the rap part very quickly.  I wonder if native speakers can sing these songs easily.


7 thoughts on “Practice Speaking English with Rap Music

  1. As a native speaker, though I don’t like most rap, I can do it. It takes a few tries to practice since you have to learn the words. But once the words and tempo are memorized it’s super easy. A few years ago I used to do rap songs for karaoke night. It was fun and difficult so people appreciated seeing the effort. Keep practicing.

    • Thank you,Susie. Wow, I wish I could be like you. It’s hard for me to memorize the words(>_<) I'm practicing and getting better, but still need more singing. Karaoke night sounds great! I usually go for karaoke during the day(^_^)

      • During the day?! Wow. Where I live karaoke is done at bars during certain nights of the week. When you sing you sing in front of the whole bar. I like the way I have seen depictions of karaoke places in Japan and Korea. Where you have a room you can get with friends. I wish we had that here AND it was in the day time.

    • Hi,iayui. I’m glad to hear that you like Madonna too. Her songs are difficult for me to sing, especially the high tone parts, but I love them. I really like her voice ^^) She is a queen!

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