The Dialects Are Interesting

Although I had thought the Canadian dialect is only “eh” at the end of the sentence,  one of my blog readers told me about the Newfoundland English.


The red part is “Newfoundland and Labrador”, the easternmost province of Canada.  It reminds me of the breed of dogs with the same name.  Yes, they are from this province.   It seems that their accent is very similar to the people of the west of England and the southeast of Ireland, because Newfoundlanders originally came from those areas.   Some examples are “a vine summer” for a fine summer, “tree of dem” for three of them, “helbow” for elbow, “eel” for heel  from Newfoundland English.

Even in Japan, there are many dialects despite it being a small country.   English has a larger variety of accents worldwide.   I feel that dialects are very interesting, but can be difficult to understand.   This is a funny video.  The comedian, Mark Critch, is lovely.

4 thoughts on “The Dialects Are Interesting

  1. Happy Yuan! I am so happy that you are learning about my country! 😀 Japanese accents and dialects are so interesting to me, and I’m only now just learning about Canadian ones too~

    You are awesome! Could I re-blog this post in my Canadaism blog??

  2. Thank YOU, Cameron-san. I didn’t know about Newfoundland,maybe most Japanese neither, it looks very fascinating place. I’m now following Mark Critch on Twitter. lol I’d appreciate it if you could reblog my post!

  3. Really interesting, I don’t think I have ever heard this before. Thanks for sharing, I think when they speak slower it is easier to catch what they are saying. But I guess that applies to most languages, easier to understand when people talk slower.

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