My First Karaoke Video

It’s been a year since I started karaoke.  Last Sunday, I uploaded my singing videos to a social karaoke website called  “Utasuki” for the first time.   At the karaoke station ”RoundOne”, I usually choose a room with a massage chair, but this time I chose a room with a stage.

round one

I sang “Starships”(Nicki Minaj), “Don’t tell me,” and” Music”(Madonna) there.  Even though I uploaded these videos, I’m not satisfied with them at all.  The main problem for me is hitting the high notes.  I can’t sing them well.  It is said that it gets harder to hit the high notes as people get older because the vocal cords are  muscles.   I should use them more so they don’t shrink.

Watch this PV of Madonna’s song “Don’t tell me”.   Her dancing is very artistic and sophisticated.  It encourages me to start Hip Hop dancing again.  (I’ve been doing other dances this year)  In a fitness center, not only the young but the seniors enjoy Hip Hop dance in the class.  Though I don’t have confidence in my dancing at all,  I want to upload a video of me singing and dancing someday.

I also found this song very interesting .  Maybe it would be only interesting for Madonna fans.   It is very different from the official one.   Her voice is often synthesized a lot,  but her real voice is very attractive.  I love it.


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