Karaoke in Japan

I hear that in other countries, karaoke means singing in public.   That sounds so embarrassing.   I think many Japanese are so shy that they can’t sing in front of many people.  In Japan, karaoke means singing with several friends or even alone in a small private room.   People choose songs by using a remote control device.  The social karaoke website called “Utasuke” is very convenient.  The members don’t need to search for songs every time.   They can log into the site on the remote control and pull out their favorite songs that they saved before.  There is a video camera in the room which enables to take a video of your singing.   It’s possible to superimpose up to five videos.   So, you can sing together with your favorite members on the TV screen.   In addition, you can connect up to two instruments,  such as a guitar or keyboard, with the karaoke machine called ” F1.”  That makes it possible to practice playing them by watching codes running on the screen.  You can play with the people living far away from you.   Don’t you think these things are great?

Some of the members are very good at singing.  One of my Utasuke friends “Manipadme” is a good singer.   She said that she grew up listening to UK and US music.   She hasn’t been to English speaking countries, but her English pronunciation is like a native speaker.   Here is her singing.


By the way, have you heard of the World Karaoke Championships?   This year, it will be held in Lappeenranta, Finland in November.  Check it out!   http://www.kwc.fi/


4 thoughts on “Karaoke in Japan

  1. She does very well thanks for sharing. She probably practices a lot.
    I wonder if I could convince someone who is visiting California to sing karaoke if they have a song they know. It would be a fun experience I think. After your first few times it’s not too embarrassing. It gets easier, a glass of wine helps too :p

    • Thank you for your comment. Hmm, I wonder what the karaoke bar is like. Maybe it’s not too embarrassing if I sing a duet song or something with someone. I’m practcing a duet song “Dance 2night” for my next karaoke video(^^)

    • Hi,iayui. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree. I usually go to karaoke with my daughter, but sometimes enjoy eating and singing with my friends at a karaoke box(^^)

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