The Keroro Tram

This post is about Kumamoto where I live again.   In Kumamoto city, the tram cars run around downtown.    I sometimes see a tram painted colorfully.   The other day, when I was driving my car,  the Keroro tram passed by me.   Have you heard  “Sgt. Frog” (Keroro Gunso)?    It is a popular cartoon in Japan.     Check out Wiki.    This comic artist grew up in Kumamoto.


Here is another Keroro tram.    I watched Sgt.Frog on TV for the first time when I traveled to Hong Kong.   He seems to be popular even overseas.


In the tram, Keroro announces the next stop.   His voice is very cute.

10 thoughts on “The Keroro Tram

    • Hi,Susie. I’m happy to hear you know about Sgt.Frog 🙂 I hope English version can express their humorous nonsense well. Each character has an unique talk and style in original version.

  1. Hello Happy Yuan,
    I found your blog from greetingsfromengland’s blog,and really,you have such a sweet and nice blog, Keep on writing about your country, I would love to always reading it,,:)

    • Hi, yana. Nice to meet you(^^)/ Sorry for the late reply. I just came back from my summer trip yesterday. I’m very pleased that you visited me via hibiscus rosa noor and like my blog. She is a nice blogger, and you too. I’m now organizing a lot of photos which I took in Hawaii. Give me a little more time. I hope you’ll like the next post about Hawaii.

  2. I was just in Kumamoto last month, it’s such a wonderful city! Even though we rode the tram multiple times, unfortunately we didn’t get to see the Keroro one. I think the ramen in Kumamoto is the best that we ever had in Japan. We ate at a restaurant called Komurasaki on either the Shimotori or Kamitori shopping arcade (sorry, I can’t remember which). Next time I go to Kumamoto I want to try the horse meat, I hear it’s really good!

    • Hi, nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your trip in Kumamoto. Komurasaki,Keika,Ajisen, there are many ramen restaurants here. I love ramen too. I hope you will come across Kumamon next time. I happened to see him on Kamitori last year 😀

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