We stayed at the condo hotel ” Waikiki Park Heights.”    The room wasn’t gorgeous, but cozy and neat.    The best thing about it was its location close to the beach and supermarket.


I chose a room with a kitchenette,  which costs less than one with a full kitchen.  It was suitable, for sure.  I didn’t want to cook during the trip.


I saw a bathtub that has a step for the first time.


My son fell off the bed every night.   He usually sleeps on a futon.


When I was waiting in the  laundry room,  I had a chat with a man who came from San Francisco.   He said the beaches in San Francisco were too cold to swim in.    I wonder if there are a lot of  Americans who haven’t swam in the sea because many states have no sea.   As for the beaches in the US,  only California and Florida come to  mind.


This is a view from a mountain side.


Hawaii Report #3

4 thoughts on “Accommodation

  1. Oh my your poor son! How old is he? Imagine if he had to grow up getting used to bunk beds… my mother used to put a board to avoid my brother falling out of bed when he had a bunk bed.

    I also am staying in a condo when I go to Hawaii it will be with a full kitchen though.

    The ocean is cold where I live in California, but you can always wear a wetsuit and it really helps keep you warmer.

  2. Ahaha, he is 13. He was all right because I put cushions beside the bed. Oh, a bunk bed! That brings back memories. I used to sleep on it when I was a child. A wetsuit sounds nice. If I am really into snorkeling, it will be needed(^^)

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