Our Meals in Waikiki

First, we went to buy food at the “Food Pantry.”


There were interesting foods there.


Fruits were plentiful.


I prefer canned papaya.


How can I eat it ?


I like tropical fruit juice like guava, mango or passion fruit,  which are uncommon in Japan.  Also,  chocolate bars like Milky way or Twix are so delicious, but they aren’t sold in my town.   I miss them.


I tried to eat dragon fruit.  Hmm, it tasted like a kiwi fruit.


The cookies and cakes have different colors and shapes from the Japanese ones.



I think that the restaurants in Hawaii are more expensive than ones in Japan.   Why don’t you visit Japan?  Foods are cheap and delicious.  There was only a restaurant we went to that was familiar, it was called “Denny’s”.


My son liked the pancakes.


I have no problem with American food, but my daughter was eager to eat Japanese food.  So,  I bought a broiled fish and fried dumplings to go at the Japanese restaurant “Ringer Hut”.



I like noodles.   There was always a line at the Japanese restaurant “Marukame Udon”on Kuhio Ave.  Why?

Hmm,  public telephones still exist.


Hawaii Report #4

8 thoughts on “Our Meals in Waikiki

    • Hi,Cameron Ohara san. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come across Loco Moco. I should try it some day. Shaved ice was the same as kakigori(かき氷), lol  Hawaii attracts tourists from around the world.

  1. Hawaii can be quite expensive to eat at if you don’t do some research ahead of time. It is considered one of the most expensive places to vacation. I can understand why for the weather and beauty of course, I will have to compare the cost of visiting Japan vs. Hawaii when I finally vacation in Japan.

  2. It was said that everything in Japan was expensive in the 1990’s. Now everything is cheap except transportation expenses, maybe. I think it’s because of deflation and yen rate. How about stop over in Hawaii on your flight to Japan?

  3. Food in Hawaii is very interesting, isn’t it. I love the Hawaiian breakfast – rice with Portugese sausages and eggs and tropical fruit. Hard to believe it’s a part of the U.S.

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