Scenery From The Trolley

Many trolleys (mostly Japanese travel agencies’ ones) and buses run in Waikiki.   Traffic is so heavy that I can’t drive a car in Honolulu.


JCB credit card holders can ride on the pink-line trolley for free.


Lovely Prumeria on the street


The bus drivers weren’t very friendly.  On the other hand, the trolley drivers were so cheerful.  Some drivers were singing while driving.

Hawaii Report #5

2 thoughts on “Scenery From The Trolley

  1. I know this year has been a hot one for many people in Japan. How was the weather in Hawaii compared to that in Japan recently? Would you say hotter or cooler?

  2. Hawaii was definitely cooler than Japan this summer. It was so good that I was able to avoid the terrible heat in Japan. I don’t like Japanese climate. The weather in Hawaii was very confortable, sunny, dry, always nice breeze… If you visit Japan, I recommend April,May,Oct and Nov.

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