Diamond Head

The next day,  we went to Diamond Head, it is a very famous volcanic crater in Hawaii and a popular hiking destination with panoramic views of Waikiki.


We took #22 bus in Waikiki.   Then, we had to walk for 15 min to the entrance from the closest bus stop.  I checked the bus schedule in advance,  but didn’t notice the route change.   If you take a bus, check The Bus website.    The #23 bus stops at the entrance (see the  picture below)


You need to walk a little to the toll gate from the entrance.


There were trees with flowers around the gate.



However, the mountain had no green.


You have to walk a long slope for about 30 min.   It was a little tough for me.



We avoided the steep steps and chose the alternative slope.


Wow, what a great scenery!  Beautiful nature!  This is the view of Waikiki.


You can see the crater which you walked across, and the south shore.


We took the #23 on the way back.  This bus comes only once every hour.  Unfortunately, we waited nearly one hour after all.  We should have been back to #22 bus stop which comes every 30 mins.  Some other people decided to take a taxi instead.    That would be a good idea because it’s not a long distance.


Hawaii Report #8

2 thoughts on “Diamond Head

  1. My family is renting a car when we are in Maui but it is good to know about the bus schedule and transfers. But the weather was nice so at least your wait was not too bad.

  2. Hi, Susie. That’s good. (Maui? Honolulu is in Oahu) For American, there is no problem with driving, but be careful. Traffic is heavy and there are many one way signs. (When you drive in Japan, remember to keep to the left.)

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