Walking outside the Hilton

I took a walk to a market in Waikoloa around 15 minutes away.


There are five volcanoes including the famous one “Kīlauea,”  on the big island and two of them are active.  The ground is covered with black rocks.  Have you heard of Punaluu Black Sand Beach?  It’s located on the southeastern coast.  Can you imagine a beach covered with black sand!







There is nothing but hotels, condos and golf courses in Waikoloa.


The town has calm and peaceful atmosphere.  When my family went for a stroll at night,  we were safe even though streets were dark and had few lights.  We were able to see the Milky Way.   This island intentionally  suppresses the influence of lights to make star-watching easier.




Here is the view of the markets “Kings Shops” and “Queens’ Marketplace”

Hawaii Report #13

2 thoughts on “Walking outside the Hilton

  1. One of my fondest memories of my trip to Lake Tahoe this winter was being able to star-gaze. It was very cold outside but it was worth it to see so many stars and the Milky Way. I happen to enjoy the dark.

  2. Hi,Susie. Winter is the best season for star-gazing, isn’t it? I love the stars too, but can’t find many stars from my house because of the lighting in town. So, last weekend, I stayed in the Mount Aso, and got up three o’clock to see the stars. They were very beautiful as well as ones in Hawaii.

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