Timeshare Sales

There is an office of “Hilton Grand Vacations Club” in Hilton Waikoloa Village.    It seems to be a system that the hotel guests are invited to the timeshare sales.   I had an interest in timeshare condo because Hawaii was a better place than I expected.   Then my family applied for it.  We were waiting for a person in charge in the lounge.


A salesperson was a  Japanese woman.   She took us to the “Kings’ Land Beach Resort” near the hotel by car.  The rooms were fabulous!



There was a wonderful view of Mt. Mauna Kea from the lanai.
You can barbecue on the terrace.
It has a pool, cafe and stage where hula shows are held.

After that, we had to listen to a long explanation.  The selling prices range between $40,200 and $80,200, which depends on the property.  There is more.   Annual maintenance fee costs between $1,500 and $1,800.   Wow!   No kidding!    Do owners have to pay that to the death?   We can’t afford to pay it.  However, the salesperson tried to sell aggressively.    Finally, she gave up persuading and gave us a $100 coupon in return, which was available only in the hotel.
After I came back to Japan,   I researched about that on the web.    I found that timeshare condo wasn’t a good investment to me.   It is expensive when you buy, but it would be cheap when you sell.   If you want to buy it, why don’t you think about buying resale property ?

Hawaii Report #14

6 thoughts on “Timeshare Sales

  1. My in-laws have something similar to a time-share. Except it is through Starwood and you earn points to different resorts and hotels. They just stayed in Palm Springs last week and in April they will go to Hawaii. Maybe something like this is a better idea? Starwood has locations globally.

    • Hi, Susie. Time-share would be beneficial for people who often go for vacation. I think timeshare is a good system, but running cost(in case of Hilton) was too expensive for me. It seems to have nothing to do with me having tight living situation 😦 However, I think there are many timeshare condos in USA, so I should check them 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by, iayui. Only Hilton timeshare owners can stay this condominium, but there are several other luxury condo-hotels in Waikoloa. I want to stay condo if I visit Waikoloa again(^^)

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