Good Bye, Hawaii

Our very fun trip was over.   We flew from Kona again, transferred at Honolulu and went back to Japan.


At the Kona airport, my son bought a plain hotdog, which was six dollars.  How expensive!  I saw a ketchup pump for the first time.  I wonder if Americans like ketchup very much.   In Japan, I haven’t seen additional ketchup even in McDonald’s.   I think that Japanese prefer mayonnaise to ketchup.   In addition,  I wonder why hotdogs aren’t popular in Japan.





We got on a shuttle bus for transfer as soon as we arrived at Honolulu airport.  Then, we were able to get the international gate directly.



The cookies of this company are very delicious.




Good by, Hawaii.  I’ll for sure come back someday.


Hawaii Report #16

4 thoughts on “Good Bye, Hawaii

  1. Americans love ketchup … I know I do! It’s just not a burger and fires without it!
    I just returned from a trip to Japan, and I noticed that ketchup is not popular in Japanese restaurants, which didn’t matter to me since I was too busy eating all that awesome Japanese food!!!

    • Hi,Stephen. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, you were in Japan! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed eating in Japan. What is necessary for Japanese food is soy sauce. (not ketchup,lol) Many Japanese food are seasoned by soy sauce. I like them too (^^)

  2. So sad to see the end of your trip but soon I will be off to my own. I will be sure to share a link when I get back with the photos from my vacation.
    Ketchup is very popular in the US, but not everyone enjoys it. My husband does not like ketchup on his food. I would say it is the preferred topping for hot dogs. I happen to enjoy mustard and sauerkraut on my hot dogs.

    • Hi, Susie. November has come. It’s your turn! Have a wonderful trip \(^^)/ I look forward to your story.
      I miss the hot dog with many toppings which I ate in Chicago. I can’t find that kind here. I like ketchup, but I don’t use it often. Maybe because it isn’t suitable for Japanese food.

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