A Spiritual Place – The Heitate Shrine

The other day, I drove to a country side “Yamoto-cho” where it took an hour and a half to get from Kumamoto city.   There are several sightseeing spots in Yamato-cho.  One of them is the Heitate shrine.   Most people living in Kumamoto don’t know it.   However it is famous among some Japanese because it is known as a spiritual place, where a mystic force provides energy, good luck and healing to a person who stands there.   It seems that many people outside Kumamoto visit there.

You have to go up a long stone stars to reach the shrine.


This is the main shrine.


The history of the shrine is written on the board.   It has a long history as nobody knows when it was founded.   It worships several Shinto gods.


There are many huge trees around the shrine.   Somehow I felt refreshed.





The Shinto priest was performing a purification ceremony.    Some Japanese go to shrine to pray or purify something such as wishing their happiness, good health, or exorcising a person or place of evil spirits.   I’m not a religious person, but I have also gone to a shrine for a purification ceremony a few times before.


2 thoughts on “A Spiritual Place – The Heitate Shrine

  1. Are you superstitious? I only wonder because you said you are not religious but you still went to be purified. Like even though some people I know are not religious they do not open an umbrella indoors because it is thought to bring bad luck. The trees look amazing, they create such a peaceful feeling don’t you think?

    • I think I’m not superstitious(≧∀≦) It’s like a custom rather than a religeon for me to be purified. Many Japanese go to shrine when they get married, pray for their new born baby, or move a new house・・・ At the beginning of the year, people go to shrine the most. That’s a traditional event. Shinto is related with our culture(^^)

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