My Karaoke Songs On SoundCloud

The story of my karaoke singing will continue. 😀  I became a member of “SoundCloud” a couple of years ago, but used it only a few  times.   Then I decided to record my karaoke sessions on it.  Let me introduce two of them.

The first song is “American Life” by Madonna.  The rap part at the end was very difficult, but I did it somehow.

The second  one is “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha.

I recognized how great these two artists were after I sang their songs.





Do you know About Sing!Karaoke?

I installed a free karaoke app in my iPad mini recently.    “Sing!Karaoke” is one of applications provided by Smule, that created several music-related apps.   Sing!Karaoke doesn’t have that many songs yet.   I expect it to increases the number of songs eventually after its launch.  To access more than 700 songs besides the free songs, you will have to pay a certain amount of money.    However there is an easy way to get songs without having to buy them.   It is by watching advertising videos to get free credits.   Another great way to sing for free is to select the open duet songs.   It’s fun to sing with other people.   During recordings,  you can adjust the  balance between the background music and the vocals.   You can choose one from several kinds of voice effects.   You can have the option of enabling lyrics and musical intervals to to appear on the screen, which is very convenient to recording and singing.    There are three songs in my account so far.   I sang with an Italian girl who was very good at rap, an American guy who has a wonderful voice and a group of other singers.

My Sing!Karaoke page:




Do you know About SingSnap?

Singing is one of my hobbies.   I’m a member of  “Utasuki”, the Japanese karaoke social service, and I enjoy singing in English there.   However Japanese who sing in English are in the minority.   No wonder, I’m living in Japan after all.  It often happens that I can’t find a duet partner.  So I have looked for foreign karaoke social services and have found good sites.

SingSnap is one of them.   It provides so many songs with a wide variety of artists.   Also many songs have different versions, such as clean, explicit, duet and so on.   Recording in SingSnap is very easy.   I just sit in front of my computer, connect the headset and sing.   Sometimes when I sing too loudly,  there would be a cracking sound in the background because I use the headset for Skype.   Maybe I should buy a microphone for SingSnap in the future.  The basic members can access very limited songs for free.   The free songs seem to be changed sometimes.  To be able to access all songs,  you have to pay a certain amount of fee.

From my recordings, I’ve sung the duet song “Timber” (originally Ke$ha and Pitbull) with man who is a total stranger to me. lol

Christina Aguilera

I introduced several music videos from the movie “Burlesque” in my Japanese blog last month.  If you want to watch them, please click here.   When I was looking for them on YouTube,  I came across an interesting one.   That was the video of Christina Aguilera when she was 17.    A Japanese artist “Keizo Nakanishi” released a single “All I Wanna Do” in 1997, which was a duet song with Christina Aguilera.   She was so young and cute, but her voice was very strong, which is not so different from what she has now.