Do you know About SingSnap?

Singing is one of my hobbies.   I’m a member of  “Utasuki”, the Japanese karaoke social service, and I enjoy singing in English there.   However Japanese who sing in English are in the minority.   No wonder, I’m living in Japan after all.  It often happens that I can’t find a duet partner.  So I have looked for foreign karaoke social services and have found good sites.

SingSnap is one of them.   It provides so many songs with a wide variety of artists.   Also many songs have different versions, such as clean, explicit, duet and so on.   Recording in SingSnap is very easy.   I just sit in front of my computer, connect the headset and sing.   Sometimes when I sing too loudly,  there would be a cracking sound in the background because I use the headset for Skype.   Maybe I should buy a microphone for SingSnap in the future.  The basic members can access very limited songs for free.   The free songs seem to be changed sometimes.  To be able to access all songs,  you have to pay a certain amount of fee.

From my recordings, I’ve sung the duet song “Timber” (originally Ke$ha and Pitbull) with man who is a total stranger to me. lol


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