Do you know About Sing!Karaoke?

I installed a free karaoke app in my iPad mini recently.    “Sing!Karaoke” is one of applications provided by Smule, that created several music-related apps.   Sing!Karaoke doesn’t have that many songs yet.   I expect it to increases the number of songs eventually after its launch.  To access more than 700 songs besides the free songs, you will have to pay a certain amount of money.    However there is an easy way to get songs without having to buy them.   It is by watching advertising videos to get free credits.   Another great way to sing for free is to select the open duet songs.   It’s fun to sing with other people.   During recordings,  you can adjust the  balance between the background music and the vocals.   You can choose one from several kinds of voice effects.   You can have the option of enabling lyrics and musical intervals to to appear on the screen, which is very convenient to recording and singing.    There are three songs in my account so far.   I sang with an Italian girl who was very good at rap, an American guy who has a wonderful voice and a group of other singers.

My Sing!Karaoke page:





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