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I am a Japanese housewife with a teenage daughter and son. I write about daily happenings in Japan, despite the difficulties I have with English.  My interests include dancing, singing, traveling, and investing.





12 thoughts on “About

  1. Happyyuan-san, your blog is very interesting. Were you in Chicago as a student? I grew up in Fukuoka and left Japan in 1985. Since then I have been living in Michigan, USA. Thanks for visiting my blog. I blog about Michigan and Kyushu – when I go back to Fukuoka, I collect material for blogging. In summer I write about Lake Michigan and in winter I write about Kyushu (who want to write about Lake Michigan in freezing winter?)

    • I ived in a suburb of Chicago during 1995-1996 because of my husband’s job. I took several ESL courses at that time. Now I’m preparing to launch Happyuan facebook site. Its notice will be posted in the near future. Please send a message there in Japanese if you don’t mind(^^)

  2. シカゴには、かなり以前にお住まいだったのですね。ブロ友に付け加えさせていただきました。フェースブックにメッセージ出すと、実名が出てしまうかな?(仕事の関係上、リタイアするまで本名は出せません)いずれにしても、今後とも、よろしくお願いしま〜す。 

  3. 今日は。このブログは本当に面白いです。私の名前はヴェロニカです。よろしくね。私はスロバキア出身です。私は自分で日本語を勉強しています。
    Sorry about my Japanese I am still beginner, but I am studying as much as I can. I am really glad, that I found your blog, because for me it´s gateway to Japan. :)On the other hand I am practicing my English as well. So, keep going! Stay as you are and I will be back soon 🙂 Have a nice day.

    • Hello, Veronika. Nice to meet you! I’m very glad you read my blog and you study Japanese. I started this blog last year so as to improve my English and tell my life to people in other countries. Your Japanese is very good using not only hiragana but kanji and katakana. よろしくね(*^_^*)

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