American Cartoons

When my family stayed in Hawaii, my daughter found a funny American cartoon on TV.  Does anyone knows the title of it?  Please leave a comment.  I want to watch it !  The story was very interesting.   The father turned out to be a gay, then he got a sex change surgery and became a female!  lol   What a story!  I’ve never heard the story like that even on a TV program for adults in Japan.  In addition, pictures of American cartoons are very different from Japanese ones.   They are very unique.     Some of American cartoons are available to watch on pay-TV in Japan.



The Keroro Tram

This post is about Kumamoto where I live again.   In Kumamoto city, the tram cars run around downtown.    I sometimes see a tram painted colorfully.   The other day, when I was driving my car,  the Keroro tram passed by me.   Have you heard  “Sgt. Frog” (Keroro Gunso)?    It is a popular cartoon in Japan.     Check out Wiki.    This comic artist grew up in Kumamoto.


Here is another Keroro tram.    I watched Sgt.Frog on TV for the first time when I traveled to Hong Kong.   He seems to be popular even overseas.


In the tram, Keroro announces the next stop.   His voice is very cute.

Hatsune Miku & Miku-tan

Today’s story is about music again.   My daughter told me that “Miku-tan” sings Hatsune Miku’s songs in English.    Then I listened to her songs.    Actually, she is super cool.  I think she is talented.   Miku-tan is an ordinary American girl.   She has uploaded her singing videos on YouTube and,  and has been getting popularity among Japanese vocaloid fans.    A gifted person can appeal to the world by himself in today’s society.   On the other hand,  people might have fun finding out that kind of person he is.   Music has no borders or boundaries.

My Daughter’s Favorite Song

My daughter has been listening to the song ” Takanaru” by Maiko Fujita these days, which is an anime theme song.   I like it too.   Its delicate lyrics and melody are beautiful.   I’d like to introduce her video to you.   The translated lyrics were quoted from j.popasia.

Lyric added by: Gaby
Since when was it that
I’d known your fingers
were this beautiful?
When was it that I noticed these feelings?

Because I couldn’t follow
when I was captivated at such an early instant,
my cowardly heart
broke the brake

Our eyes met by accident
…Just what should we say?
I become unable to move
whenever our eyes meet

The heartbeat resounding highly sounds like it is breaking
I pulled close the arm that I grabbed
I’m unable to restrain it, so please don’t say anything
When I realized that I loved you,
the feeling I felt was pain
It was the beginning of a love that would take my breath away

While bewildered,
I slowly closed my eyes
when I was within your arms
Just what would become of us from now on?

Though I was afraid of hurting you,
though I knew that it would become painful if we were too much in love,
I can no longer hold back
these feelings of mine

The wind was cold
…The seasons changed
Why do I feel like crying?
Please don’t embrace me anymore than this

I love your smile
Your voice that’s so close, the sensation of touching you
Within the autumn twilight, the fallen leaves danced
I can no longer stop my feelings,
this infatuation that rushed out
Is it fine for me to believe in those thoughts I felt from you?

That moment when I knew of the scent
of the first person I loved
became an everlasting instant
that would never disappear

The heartbeat resounding highly sounds like it is breaking
I pulled close the arm that I grabbed
I’m unable to restrain it, so please don’t say anything
When I realized that I loved you,
the feeling I felt was pain
It was the beginning of a love that would take my breath away

Collaboration between Kumamon and Hatune Miku

The Hatune Miku version of “Kumamon Dance” was released this month.    Miku just sings the theme song.   I want her to dance with Kumamon.   Kumamon is very good at dancing.    His dancing looks very cute.   I wonder who the man inside the stuffed suit is.   For your information, Miku sings the song of Bon Dance Festival of Koshi City in Kumamoto.   Additionally, Kumafes that I mentioned before will be held this year again.    Kumamoto might be a unique place.

Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Cosplay

Kumafes Final Report

Finally, this is the last post of the series.   It took longer than I expected to finish the reports.  The final report is about cosplay.   Many cosplayers gathered in Kumamoto Castle.    Cosplayers dressed up in the costumes of their favorite anime heroes and heroines.   I could take only this photo on a street because I couldn’t get in to the event area.  What did he intend to cosplay as?


I found another cosplayer’s photo on Yue’s photozou.   This is cool.   The background is the stonewall of the castle.   There are more photos on Cosplay at Kumafes


This is just a aside note.   A conspicuous car was running in front of me yesterday.  The car is owned by the locally famous confectionery company.  Is it Itasha too?

kobai anime car

I would like to say thank you for reading my blog this year.    May your holidays be filled with peace and joy and happiness.  Happy New Year! ヽ(^o^)丿

Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Concert

Kumafes Report, Part 7

The concert was held after the dance.     Unfortunately I couldn’t see it , but  found a good video on YouTube.   It was absolutely hilarious.   Please watch a dancing yellow-man appears in the middle of a song.   I can’t restrain my laughter.   I remember the man and smile over it.   His facial expression was wonderful!!!

Additional information
I let my friend watch the video and after I asked her impression of it.   She said  “Sorry,  it’s an unknown world and incomprehensible to me.  I don’t know what to say.”    I was surprised  there are people who exists that don’t  feel anything toward a  video which I think is really funny.   In addition, what surprised me most was  the man turned out to be Hinausa, who was in the previous post.