Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Japanese Dance

Kumafes Report, Part 4

After Hatune Miku, Masahito Hishiki did Japanese dance to the tune of an anime theme song.   It brought me a fresh sense combined a Japanese traditional culture and the latest one.    I hope he will inspire the  Japanese traditional dance field.  His dance may have a positive impact on young people who aren’t interested in Japanese dances.     I think his dance would have been better if he had sharper movements.    I couldn’t help comparing with my mother’s dance, who is learning a  Japanese dance for decades.   I hope he will be a help to preserve Japanese culture.   I hear he is also an actor.  I look forward to his activities in the future.

This is the theme song of anime “Gunslinger Girl” sung by Kokia.  It has a beautiful sound with sadness.   Masahito Hishiki chose  good music.  Did you dance on the last post?  Then, sing a song this time!

Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Hatune Miku

Kumafes Report,  Part 3

The next performer was  “Mito” impersonating Hatune Miku.   She mimicked Miku’s dance moves.  Hatune Miku is one of the  vocaloid  characters.   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer program, which can create a natural sounding voice.  My daughter likes Hatune Miku very much.  She prefers songs by synthetic voice to human voices.  Hmmm strange.

I know the feeling that people want to mimic her dance.    I used to dance with my daughter, playing a Wii dancing game of Japanese songs.   To get a good score, we waved, swung and shook the wii remote control to the beat of the songs.  lol   Furthermore, I wanted to dance to American music, so I bought “We Cheer”.  But the reaction of remote control wasn’t as good as Japanese one.  I wonder if  the latest We Cheer has improved?

Back to Mito,  she was cute dressing up and dancing as Miku.   I pasted the nice Miku’s dance video along with Mito’s one.    I’m tempted to synchronize these videos.    Doesn’t this video make you want to dance?   Let’s dance!

Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” One Piece

Kumafes Report,  Part 2

After seeing the Itashas, I went to a dance show.   There were several dance performances on the stage.   The first performer was “Grand 12Gradan” dressing up (cosplay) as the characters of  “One Piece”.   One Piece is a very popular cartoon in Japan.

Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Itasha

Kumafes Report,  Part 1

A series of Kumafes starts today.  Kumafes is a manga, anime and pop culture festival in Kumamoto, Japan.   It was the first time this event has taken place on December 2nd.   ” Grand 12″  organized it.   Grand12 is  working to make Kumamoto a famous mecca for manga.   That’s a good idea!

Unfortunately, it was a very cold rainy day.   First,  I saw Itashas(痛車).    Itasha is a car decorated with cute anime, manga or game characters.   This was the second time that I saw Itasha this year.   The first one was Toyota’s  Itashas for its promotion in September.   Toyota Itasha    This time,  these were anime fans’ cars.











Decorated bicycles (痛自転車) were covered with plastic sheets to protect from the rain.    There are more photos on my Facebook page.   Please check it .    Facebook Happy Yuan     I would appreciate it if you would give a like to my page.

The next post will be about a hilarious dance.   I hope you look forward to reading it!

Pokemon Center Tokyo

Final Tokyo Trip Report

The final destination was Pokemon Center Tokyo.   It is located in Hamamatu-cho.  Poke-Cen was the only place my son wanted to go.   He was finally able to go there.

They only sell Pokemon merchandise there.    Don’t you think it’s boring?

However, they had cute stuffed toys.

If your birthday is close,  they will celebrate your birthday on the TV screen.

My son looked around and kept playing his 3DS.  Hmm?  I asked him what he was doing.  He said  “I’ didn’t come here to buy anything.  I came  to play ‘Fes mission game’ with people around here via infrared communication.”   Aha, Really!   There were many people playing DS around Poke-Cen.

Can you see the 3DS in his left hand in the picture?   Whether walking or having his picture taken, he hardly put it down for a second.   Its screen showed many “Mii” avataras of people carrying 3DS  he passed by in Tokyo.  That was a really funny picture.

At Haneda Airport, I didn’t see the Pokemon Jet this time.  This is the picture I took in June.

I fell asleep right after boarding the plane. I didn’t get to see the spectacular view of Tokyo from the sky.  It’s a shame!   When the plane was going to land, my son had a terrible pain with his ears.  It seemed that he had a blocked nose because of a cold and  couldn’t control air pressure in his ears.  The following day, he had a fever.   The schedule was tight, but we enjoyed it very much.

The Mecca “Akihabara”

Tokyo Trip Report, Part 5

Do you remember my post about Ikebukuro?  I wrote that Ikebukuro is the Mecca of female anime fans.  On the other hand, Akihabara also seems to be the Mecca of male anime fans.  So, we went to Akihabara too.  At first, we visited Tokyo Anime Center.

It was boring (- _-;)

As soon as my daughter found the Animate shop, she rushed into it.  My son and I had to wait for a long time before she came out ! (>_<)

During that time, we went for a walk around there.   A flea market was being held.  Many anime-related goods were displayed.

What a curious sight!  Rickshaws were running around the areas.

Anime characters were printed on the back of the rickshaws.

The huge anime billboards (@_@)

The colorful cars in a line.

To be concluded.

Tokyo Character Street

Tokyo Trip Report, Part 4

The place my children wanted to go rather than “Sky Tree” was “Tokyo Character Street”.


You can find it in the underground mall in Tokyo station.   The twenty-one shops line each side of the street.

My daughter’s favorite shop was “JUMP SHOP”

My son and I were walking  around while she was shopping.  “Funghi Paradise shop” which opened temporarily, seemed to be the most popular .  I can’t understand what appealed to the people.


I suppose Hello Kitty is popular overseas too.

Do you know Rilakkuma?

The Ultraman series is  famous throughout  generations in Japan.

Everybody knows Snoopy.

My daughter bought some writing materials again while I was wandering around without shopping.