Collaboration between Kumamon and Hatune Miku

The Hatune Miku version of “Kumamon Dance” was released this month.    Miku just sings the theme song.   I want her to dance with Kumamon.   Kumamon is very good at dancing.    His dancing looks very cute.   I wonder who the man inside the stuffed suit is.   For your information, Miku sings the song of Bon Dance Festival of Koshi City in Kumamoto.   Additionally, Kumafes that I mentioned before will be held this year again.    Kumamoto might be a unique place.

Kumamon Did Bungee Jumping

I heard the news that Ituki village advertises for people to do bungee jumping.    Ituki is a quiet, small country village, located in Kumamoto, Japan.    The village will put on the bungee jumping event during 16-31, March.    The height of the bridge is 77 meters.    If you want to dive, check it out.  bungyJapan     Last summer Ituki held it for the first time.    Kumamon did bungee jumping at that time.    As for Kumamon, please read the previous post      What a brave man wearing the stuffed animal suit!

I unexpectedly met Kumamon again!

When I walked around downtown, there was a crowd of people.

Oh,Kumamon!   He was handing out flower seeds on the flower-planting campaign.  People were taking pictures of him.   He was able to speak through an interpreter who wore a yellow jacket. .  His reaction was comical.  Hearing music from nowhere, he began to dance.   His quick movements made people laugh.  I was impressed by his talent.

His name is Korou-kun.  He is the mascot of Kikuchi city.  He is unknown to people yet.

His name is Higomaru, the face of Kumamoto-city.   Poor Higomaru.  People in Kumamoto know him, but nobody was around him.  Only a little boy was staring at him.

Kumamon is the hottest mascot in Kumamoto.  He has the title of sales manager of Kumamoto prefecture.  He is a really good worker.   He produces a great economic effect.  The prefectural governor and many prefectural government’s employees created Kumamon with strategy and they continue to support him.  Kumamon has his blog and even twitter account.  That’s the reason he is very popular, I think.

I Unexpectedly Met Kumamon!

When I went downtown, I unexpectedly met Kumamon.  He was performing in an event.   I saw real Kumamon for the first time.  Kumamon is a publicity character created to aim at vitalizing and boosting this area economy.   He is very popular here.

at bakery

at cake shop

at department store

crane game

at luggage store       what a big kumamon backpack!

at  clothing shop

at candy shop                                              bus pass