Do You Know Henna Art?

Mehndi is the body art by using henna, which is popular around India.  As Henna can dye only the surface of skin, the reddish color disappears in two weeks.  I knew about Mehndi on a belly dance magazine.  The pictures of it were beautiful.  I liked it.

When I went to Tokyo in May, I had my left hand decorated with henna by Akina Matubara, Japanese professional henna artist.

Her blog

Later, I found an instant henna corn at a store, then I tried.  But there was a strange and rather disturbing smell.  The color was  strange too.  I thought this wasn’t the right one.  I washed off right away but already my hand was dyed. I think it included chemicals.

I also have had my hair dyed with henna since last year.  I can’t use hair color including chemical any more.  My friend became an allergy sufferer by using it.  So I’m scared.

Henna smells nice like hay.  It is easy to use.  Why don’t you try?  But be careful not to use chemical henna.

The picture  of my first mehndi experience