Social Language Learning Part 5 Spammer

I wrote about a chat on the last post. Here is another story about it.   One day, I had a text chat with a man.   At first, we were carrying on a normal conversation, but suddenly he asked my age. I said “Don’t ask my age.”   Then, he asked me again “ Are you sexy?”  I replied “ I have two children.” and he said  “Are you around 40? Sooo cooooool!!! Sooo seeeeexy!!!”  Whoa, yuck! I answered,  “Unfortunately, I’m not sexy at all.” and cut the line.   On another time, as soon as I said I have two children, a man cut the line. How rude!!!   There exist these kinds of guys in any world.  Be careful.  It seems that some guys use the language sites for a dating purpose. Some women might enjoy it though.  Recently I don’t do text chat much because I feel like it is a waste of time.  I prefer voice chat, but there are times where  it’s hard to catch what they said.  So both chats have merits and demerits.

Aside from a chat, I’ve heard of a spammer.  You should be careful when you send an e-mail.  Once you reply to a spammer, a bunch of mails will be sent to your mailbox.   I can sometimes see the warning on websites too.   Therefore I suppose those incidents actually happen.

Today, let me introduce “English Central”.  I think English natives don’t need this information, but interviews or speeches of famous persons are interesting to me.