“Knock You Down” Covered by three Japanese People

This song cover is located on a karaoke social networking site named Utasuki.  happyuan covered the Keri Hilson part; kly235 covered Kanye West; marshall covered Ne-Yo.

The original music video is here.  Wow!  It has been viewed over one hundred million times!

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Karaoke Social Networking Service in Japan

I’ve mentioned several karaoke websites before.   Today I’d like to introduce you to  “Utasuki” one of the karaoke social networking services in Japan.    Do you know that karaoke began in Japan and spread  throughout the world?   There are so many karaoke places all over Japan.  Utasuki members sing at any one of them, record themselves on camera, and upload their videos to the site.  I’ve also posted my videos  there since last year.   That is fun!   Check out the music archives at my blog.

Utasuki was upgraded this month.   It used to be that only members could watch the videos, but now non-members can watch some of them.    So, let me show you one of my videos.    I think that the best thing, though, creating a collaboration with other members.    I’d like to share  a collaboration video “Lady Marmalade” covered by kly235, Lemon and I.   kly235 is a unique and hilarious woman.    Lemon is a charming lady who has a beautiful voice.   Don’t you think it’s great that we can sing together on the ‘net even though we’ve never met each other?

lower left: kly235    right: happyuan     upper left: kly235  right: Lemon

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My Karaoke-Session Channel

I created my karaoke-session channel on YouTube.   Don’t laugh!   Anybody can create one.   I started doing karaoke sessions two years ago when my daughter asked me to go karaoke.    I hadn’t been interested in singing until then.   Now I’m a little addicted to it.   It is fun to  mimic the singers.   I want to copy the style of my favorite songs as much as possible.   Motivation comes first, however.  I can’t sing the songs I’m not interested in.   So far, the songs that I like come up one after another.    To tell the truth, I don’t think my singing is bad, but I also don’t think it’s good.   My weak point is trying to hit the middle and high voices.   I long for the powerful voice and the smooth transition from natural to high voice.   As for my English, I think the ending of the word is sometimes very important to pronounce.  Please let me know what you think.  I’d like to enjoy singing and meeting other karaoke fans by duet from now on.

The video was taken in a karaoke room in Japan. (The high tone part was unstable because I was out of breath after dancing. lol)

Do you know About SingSnap?

Singing is one of my hobbies.   I’m a member of  “Utasuki”, the Japanese karaoke social service, and I enjoy singing in English there.   However Japanese who sing in English are in the minority.   No wonder, I’m living in Japan after all.  It often happens that I can’t find a duet partner.  So I have looked for foreign karaoke social services and have found good sites.

SingSnap is one of them.   It provides so many songs with a wide variety of artists.   Also many songs have different versions, such as clean, explicit, duet and so on.   Recording in SingSnap is very easy.   I just sit in front of my computer, connect the headset and sing.   Sometimes when I sing too loudly,  there would be a cracking sound in the background because I use the headset for Skype.   Maybe I should buy a microphone for SingSnap in the future.  The basic members can access very limited songs for free.   The free songs seem to be changed sometimes.  To be able to access all songs,  you have to pay a certain amount of fee.

From my recordings, I’ve sung the duet song “Timber” (originally Ke$ha and Pitbull) with man who is a total stranger to me. lol 


I Love Karaoke

During June of this year I started singing at a karaoke place.  I often go to karaoke with my daughter.   It is fun.   In the past I didn’t like singing because I couldn’t sing  well.    Now I can sing better.  Why?   I think it’s because I occasionally talked to my children in a loud voice,  moreover workout at the sport club that also improves my voice too.   Singing is the best way to release stress.  It  makes me feel good.   It also beautifies your abdominal and facial muscles due to deep breath and oral movements .   I recommend karaoke  especially to the elderly.   There are many senior karaoke fans in Japan.     I wonder if it’s the same system in other countries.   Karaoke became popular in Japan in the 80’s,  and not only young but older people enjoy singing now.

Karaoke stations  have many small rooms.

They charge  280 yen per person per hour,  but they offer various discounts.   You can order food and drinks.

My musical tastes are different  from my daughter.   She likes vocaloid such as Hatsune Miku.   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in commands.   Many songs  have very fast tempo like tongue twisters,  very high tones, and  difficult rhythms.

She sings  Hatsune Miku songs.

The anime song  “Gintama”

 I assume I may be too old to sing rock music, but I like it.   I sing  not only the recent hit, but the 70’s ones too.   Today I sang “Day after Day” by Bad Finger.   I  knew this song from the radio when I was a little girl.   That record was the first one I bought in my life.   It was also  my first exposure to western music.   I  used to listen to rock music during my teens.   I listened to strange music such as King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Parker too.    I wonder how many Japanese  know of them.   I think I was a strange girl.   Today I sang King Crimson’s song.   “I talk to the wind~  The wind does not hear~ The wind cannot hear~”  Of course not!

I sometimes sing lady Gaga songs.

Madonna and Avril Lavigne’s songs are difficult to sing (>_<)

I like to listen to Black Eyed Peas.

I like Queen too.

I watched James Brown’s concert that was held in Las Vegas.

Deep Purple   Oh,  this is a good old film!

Japanese group, “Sid”, is the only artist that both my daughter and I like