Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Cosplay

Kumafes Final Report

Finally, this is the last post of the series.   It took longer than I expected to finish the reports.  The final report is about cosplay.   Many cosplayers gathered in Kumamoto Castle.    Cosplayers dressed up in the costumes of their favorite anime heroes and heroines.   I could take only this photo on a street because I couldn’t get in to the event area.  What did he intend to cosplay as?


I found another cosplayer’s photo on Yue’s photozou.   This is cool.   The background is the stonewall of the castle.   There are more photos on Cosplay at Kumafes


This is just a aside note.   A conspicuous car was running in front of me yesterday.  The car is owned by the locally famous confectionery company.  Is it Itasha too?

kobai anime car

I would like to say thank you for reading my blog this year.    May your holidays be filled with peace and joy and happiness.  Happy New Year! ヽ(^o^)丿

Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Itasha

Kumafes Report,  Part 1

A series of Kumafes starts today.  Kumafes is a manga, anime and pop culture festival in Kumamoto, Japan.   It was the first time this event has taken place on December 2nd.   ” Grand 12″  organized it.   Grand12 is  working to make Kumamoto a famous mecca for manga.   That’s a good idea!

Unfortunately, it was a very cold rainy day.   First,  I saw Itashas(痛車).    Itasha is a car decorated with cute anime, manga or game characters.   This was the second time that I saw Itasha this year.   The first one was Toyota’s  Itashas for its promotion in September.   Toyota Itasha    This time,  these were anime fans’ cars.











Decorated bicycles (痛自転車) were covered with plastic sheets to protect from the rain.    There are more photos on my Facebook page.   Please check it .    Facebook Happy Yuan     I would appreciate it if you would give a like to my page.

The next post will be about a hilarious dance.   I hope you look forward to reading it!

The Mecca “Akihabara”

Tokyo Trip Report, Part 5

Do you remember my post about Ikebukuro?  I wrote that Ikebukuro is the Mecca of female anime fans.  On the other hand, Akihabara also seems to be the Mecca of male anime fans.  So, we went to Akihabara too.  At first, we visited Tokyo Anime Center.

It was boring (- _-;)

As soon as my daughter found the Animate shop, she rushed into it.  My son and I had to wait for a long time before she came out ! (>_<)

During that time, we went for a walk around there.   A flea market was being held.  Many anime-related goods were displayed.

What a curious sight!  Rickshaws were running around the areas.

Anime characters were printed on the back of the rickshaws.

The huge anime billboards (@_@)

The colorful cars in a line.

To be concluded.

I Changed My Blog Theme

I may get bored easily.   I felt like changing something.     The themes WordPress has are not enough.     There might be more if I were able to customize.   I finally found this lovebirds.   How do you like it?   As a profile photo, I decided to use Japanese face mark.   Previous photo,  Kumamon is enough famous already.   He doesn’t need my help to enhance his visibility.  lol  I’d like to spread Japanese face mark from now.   Color is yellow.  Japanese is belong to the yellow race.  However our skin is not yellow like this!

I Love Karaoke

During June of this year I started singing at a karaoke place.  I often go to karaoke with my daughter.   It is fun.   In the past I didn’t like singing because I couldn’t sing  well.    Now I can sing better.  Why?   I think it’s because I occasionally talked to my children in a loud voice,  moreover workout at the sport club that also improves my voice too.   Singing is the best way to release stress.  It  makes me feel good.   It also beautifies your abdominal and facial muscles due to deep breath and oral movements .   I recommend karaoke  especially to the elderly.   There are many senior karaoke fans in Japan.     I wonder if it’s the same system in other countries.   Karaoke became popular in Japan in the 80’s,  and not only young but older people enjoy singing now.

Karaoke stations  have many small rooms.

They charge  280 yen per person per hour,  but they offer various discounts.   You can order food and drinks.

My musical tastes are different  from my daughter.   She likes vocaloid such as Hatsune Miku.   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in commands.   Many songs  have very fast tempo like tongue twisters,  very high tones, and  difficult rhythms.

She sings  Hatsune Miku songs.

The anime song  “Gintama”

 I assume I may be too old to sing rock music, but I like it.   I sing  not only the recent hit, but the 70’s ones too.   Today I sang “Day after Day” by Bad Finger.   I  knew this song from the radio when I was a little girl.   That record was the first one I bought in my life.   It was also  my first exposure to western music.   I  used to listen to rock music during my teens.   I listened to strange music such as King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Parker too.    I wonder how many Japanese  know of them.   I think I was a strange girl.   Today I sang King Crimson’s song.   “I talk to the wind~  The wind does not hear~ The wind cannot hear~”  Of course not!

I sometimes sing lady Gaga songs.

Madonna and Avril Lavigne’s songs are difficult to sing (>_<)

I like to listen to Black Eyed Peas.

I like Queen too.

I watched James Brown’s concert that was held in Las Vegas.

Deep Purple   Oh,  this is a good old film!

Japanese group, “Sid”, is the only artist that both my daughter and I like

I Unexpectedly Met Kumamon!

When I went downtown, I unexpectedly met Kumamon.  He was performing in an event.   I saw real Kumamon for the first time.  Kumamon is a publicity character created to aim at vitalizing and boosting this area economy.   He is very popular here.

at bakery

at cake shop

at department store

crane game

at luggage store       what a big kumamon backpack!

at  clothing shop

at candy shop                                              bus pass