Tsujunkyo Bridge

– A continuation of the last story –
After leaving Heitate Shrine I visited Tsujunkyo Bridge.  Both are located in Yamato-cho.
Tsujunkyo Bridge is Japan’s largest stone-arch aqueduct bridge, which was built in 1854 for water supply to local farmers. For more information  please click Japan Web Magazine.


Fancy meeting Kumamon there!

Fortunately, I was able to see the waterfall which is a rare occurrence.

A Spiritual Place – The Heitate Shrine

The other day, I drove to a country side “Yamoto-cho” where it took an hour and a half to get from Kumamoto city.   There are several sightseeing spots in Yamato-cho.  One of them is the Heitate shrine.   Most people living in Kumamoto don’t know it.   However it is famous among some Japanese because it is known as a spiritual place, where a mystic force provides energy, good luck and healing to a person who stands there.   It seems that many people outside Kumamoto visit there.

You have to go up a long stone stars to reach the shrine.


This is the main shrine.


The history of the shrine is written on the board.   It has a long history as nobody knows when it was founded.   It worships several Shinto gods.


There are many huge trees around the shrine.   Somehow I felt refreshed.





The Shinto priest was performing a purification ceremony.    Some Japanese go to shrine to pray or purify something such as wishing their happiness, good health, or exorcising a person or place of evil spirits.   I’m not a religious person, but I have also gone to a shrine for a purification ceremony a few times before.


American Cartoons

When my family stayed in Hawaii, my daughter found a funny American cartoon on TV.  Does anyone knows the title of it?  Please leave a comment.  I want to watch it !  The story was very interesting.   The father turned out to be a gay, then he got a sex change surgery and became a female!  lol   What a story!  I’ve never heard the story like that even on a TV program for adults in Japan.  In addition, pictures of American cartoons are very different from Japanese ones.   They are very unique.     Some of American cartoons are available to watch on pay-TV in Japan.



Good Bye, Hawaii

Our very fun trip was over.   We flew from Kona again, transferred at Honolulu and went back to Japan.


At the Kona airport, my son bought a plain hotdog, which was six dollars.  How expensive!  I saw a ketchup pump for the first time.  I wonder if Americans like ketchup very much.   In Japan, I haven’t seen additional ketchup even in McDonald’s.   I think that Japanese prefer mayonnaise to ketchup.   In addition,  I wonder why hotdogs aren’t popular in Japan.





We got on a shuttle bus for transfer as soon as we arrived at Honolulu airport.  Then, we were able to get the international gate directly.



The cookies of this company are very delicious.




Good by, Hawaii.  I’ll for sure come back someday.


Hawaii Report #16

Our Meals in Waikiki

First, we went to buy food at the “Food Pantry.”


There were interesting foods there.


Fruits were plentiful.


I prefer canned papaya.


How can I eat it ?


I like tropical fruit juice like guava, mango or passion fruit,  which are uncommon in Japan.  Also,  chocolate bars like Milky way or Twix are so delicious, but they aren’t sold in my town.   I miss them.


I tried to eat dragon fruit.  Hmm, it tasted like a kiwi fruit.


The cookies and cakes have different colors and shapes from the Japanese ones.



I think that the restaurants in Hawaii are more expensive than ones in Japan.   Why don’t you visit Japan?  Foods are cheap and delicious.  There was only a restaurant we went to that was familiar, it was called “Denny’s”.


My son liked the pancakes.


I have no problem with American food, but my daughter was eager to eat Japanese food.  So,  I bought a broiled fish and fried dumplings to go at the Japanese restaurant “Ringer Hut”.



I like noodles.   There was always a line at the Japanese restaurant “Marukame Udon”on Kuhio Ave.  Why?

Hmm,  public telephones still exist.


Hawaii Report #4

Forest Bathing

As I wrote in the last post, I climbed Mount Kimpo in June.    In fact, I also went to a river last month.   My daughter wanted to go somewhere richly endowed with nature.   So we decided to go to Kikuchi Keikoku where it takes one hour drive from my house.


Kikuchi Keikoku is located close to Mount Aso area in Kumamoto, Japan.     There is rich nature there.   You can enjoy forest bathing,  which means spending some time in a forest for the health benefits such as relaxation.    It is famous for a good spot to play with water in summer.  You can walk in the shallow stream.    In fall,  many people come to see the autumn foliage.



The water is very cold and clear.   There are several springs, which create the stream.


I think these pictures can’t convey the atmosphere to you enough without the sound of the stream.    I should have brought a video camera.    Instead, I link a YouTube video.