Mirror Mirror

I don’t often go to a movie, but having a free ticket, I visited a movie theater.   Though I was interested in” The Hunger Games”,   survival story sounded like stress to me.  Then, I saw “Mirror Mirror.”   The other day, TV show introduced this movie as Eiko Ishioka’s last costume design work.

I recommend to watch it in a movie theater rather than DVD.  It was visually beautiful.  Costumes were very gorgeous.  But “The Hunger Games” may be better for men.  I suggest this for women. (stereotype?)  You can enjoy it lightly and it can be a feast for the eyes.

In the beginning of the movie, I was surprised at Snow White’s thick brows(@o@)   As seeing the movie , I came to feel her very charming.  I hear Lily Collins as Snow White is a daughter of Phil Collins.  I went to his concert when “Against All  Odds” was popular.  According to Wiki, he seems to have retired.  He is British, isn’t he?  I listen to the music without consciousness whether American or British.

Back to the movie.  Black Magic Puppets were eerie.  Nathan Lane as Brian was a familiar face.  He looks like Jim Rogers, a famous investor.  Julia Roberts was made up as a queen.  The evil queen reminded me of my pinterest photo I pinned recently.

But I think women want to have both good heart and good looks.