The Active Volcano “Aso”

My daughter and I went to “Aso” this month. Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan. It also has one of the largest calderas in the world. We can get to the Aso area in only an hour’s drive from our house. In another 30 minutes  we can reach the craters of the volcano. Even though I live nearby, I rarely go to Aso. It was a warm spring day, but the mountains are still brown. There were only a  few visitors.   However, the mountains will turn a beautiful green in May and many tourists visit.



We made it to the top of the mountain.

The earth is alive!


Get into the shelter when something happens?!

Does“Jizo”protect us? “お願い地蔵” means “make a wish on Jizo”?

Is this a scapegoat”身代不動” for us when something happens?


When I was strolling along the walking trail, suddenly people around me,  including myself,  had a slight coughing fit. When I turned back later, I realized that volcano gas was drifting over the spot.




Almost Tuition-Free Belly Dance Class

I wrote about the tuition-free cooking class the other day.  I also take a belly dance lesson at the community center.   It is a eight-part series in Oct. and Nov.  The tuition is 2000 yen.  It isn’t  for one lesson.  It is for all eight lessons.  How nice!

The instructor is Caravan Nami.   Actually I’ve taken her class at another place since April.  Though I can’t attend it very often, I feel the difference in my body.   I think it’s important to continue.   I hope I will keep on dancing as long as possible.   The purpose is to have a supple body rather than to improve my dance.   The older we get, the more inflexible our body is.   I want to prevent my body from being anatomically inflexible.   Thinking of my age, I’m careful not to strain my lower back while dancing. lol

When I met her for the first time,  her figure and dance were very impressive.

She is a beautiful woman with long black hair.  In addition she is gentle with full of womanly charm.   I was attracted by her elegant movements being attentive to the tip of her nail.  I decided to take her lesson right away.

She seems to be a member of Caravan Carnival Oriental Dance, which promotes belly dance around Kyushu in Japan.   The dance recital was held in August.   Kaori, the head of the CCOD danced too.  She is petite, but looked big on stage.  All students danced well and their costumes were beautiful.   To my surprise, one of the students was pregnant ( in the middle of the picture.)  She had a strong presence.  I hear she gave birth in September.

I was encouraged to go on stage at the recital,  but I refused.   I don’t want to show my belly (>_<)