Kailua Beach

The next day,  we went to Kailua Beach.   Here is how to get there by bus:   You take the route 57 at the bus stop (west bound) on AlaMoana Shopping Center.


The bus goes across the island and arrives at Kailua Shopping Center in 30 minutes.   You pass by the town and get off at the next stop.   You walk ahead a little.    Turn left and then walk about 15 min. along the Kailua Road.


In fact,  if you take the #70 bus, you don’t have to walk.    However, that bus comes only once every hour.    So I suggest #57.   The #70 bus goes to the Lanikai Beach, but then it has no public facilities.   On a map,  these two beaches are within walking distance.  I want to go there someday.   “Lani”  means heaven and “Kai” means ocean in Hawaiian language.

When you see Kailua Beach Center on the left, the beach will be right ahead.


The sea of Waikiki was aquamarine blue,  while the sea of Kaikua was emerald-green.   There were fewer people than in Waikiki.   I felt relaxed and refreshed by the beautiful ocean view and the sound of waves.




Please check the route and schedule of the bus before your trip.  The Bus

Hawaii Report #6