My Karaoke Videos of This Year

Hi, everyone.   There are only two days left this year.   I have to clean the house and get some traditional New Year’s food now.   Before that, I’d like to share some of my videos created on the karaoke social website “Utasuki” this year.  It’s really fun to collaborate with other members.

lower left: TOLOMYS(yombo)    lower right: happyuan     upper right: tack

lower left: TOLOMYS(yombo)    lower right: happyuan     upper left: kly235(fumiko)  upper right: tack

I  tried to hula dance.

These days I sing the disco songs from around 1980 wearing an Afro wig.  My family doesn’t know about it. lol

Have a great new year!

My Karaoke Friend Fumiko

Long time no blog post 😦  I hope you are all well.   This year is almost over.   I’m a member of the karaoke social site “Utasuki” and created many karaoke videos on the site this year.  Let me show you some of them.   Today I’d like to share the videos that I sang with Fumiko in.   She is a fun person.  We haven’t met but we sometimes sing together on the site.




The next post including other hilarious karaoke videos will be the last of this year.   Coming soon 🙂

Christina Aguilera

I introduced several music videos from the movie “Burlesque” in my Japanese blog last month.  If you want to watch them, please click here.   When I was looking for them on YouTube,  I came across an interesting one.   That was the video of Christina Aguilera when she was 17.    A Japanese artist “Keizo Nakanishi” released a single “All I Wanna Do” in 1997, which was a duet song with Christina Aguilera.   She was so young and cute, but her voice was very strong, which is not so different from what she has now.



My Favorite Music List

I recently created my favorite music list on my YouTube account.    Music happyuanblog    I’ve mainly listened to music from UK and the USA ever since I was a student.    My current favorite is dance music including hip hop, rap and so on.    Dancers in music videos are so cool and sometimes too sexy.    It’s amazing that many singers are gifted in both dance and music.   Separately from dance, let me introduce some interesting songs from the list.  Do  you know Ylvis?    It is a comedy group from Norway.    “The Fox(What Does the Fox Say?)” on YouTube has drawn many people’s attention since September this year.   I love it.

Their new song is humorous too.    It made me want to go to Massachusetts(the spelling is certainly difficult).  lol