The Meaning of "Smoke on the Water "

I knew the lyrics of “Smoke on the Water” when I sang it at karaoke the other day.
I used to listen to this song without knowing the meaning.
This song was written about the accident of Frank Zappa concert, wasn’t it.
While his performing at Casino de Montreux in Switzerland,
a flare gun set off by an audience started a fire that burned down the casino,
It’s funny that such a song became a huge hit.

I watched this song on YouTube.
The man whom I thought Richie sings the 2nd verse.
He should be a guitarist!  Then who is this man?
David Coverdale?  But he is very different with David’s image.
If anyone knows him, please leave a comment.

Memorial Karaoke of Jon Lord

I read Jon Load’s death on the morning paper.
I used to listen to Deep Purple in my teens.
Today I had a plan to go to karaoke with my friends.
Then suddenly I became a hard rocker!
I san out ‘Smoke on the Water’ ‘Highway Star’ ‘Black Night’
But they include a long solo part of guitar in the middle of song.
I can’t wait the end of solo.  I cut off and changed to other song.
I admit their guitar is great though.
The video of their concert ran on the screen.  It was really good.
I found out Ritchie Blackmore in the video which was a long forgotten name.
In addition, I sang Led Zeppelin’s songs.  They are good too. 
I’ll add them on my song list.
I liked British music in the ’70s.
How is the situation of British music scene now?
If you know, please leave a comment.