My Karaoke Friend Fumiko

Long time no blog post 😦  I hope you are all well.   This year is almost over.   I’m a member of the karaoke social site “Utasuki” and created many karaoke videos on the site this year.  Let me show you some of them.   Today I’d like to share the videos that I sang with Fumiko in.   She is a fun person.  We haven’t met but we sometimes sing together on the site.




The next post including other hilarious karaoke videos will be the last of this year.   Coming soon 🙂

Sing!Karaoke Now With Video!

The members in Sing!Karaoke were excited  yesterday.  Halloween?   No!  We were excited because Smule added video to Sing!Karaoke.  Now we can capture the video of our performances, such as playing instruments, adding visual effects and so on.   That’s wonderful.   I tried it, but my device iPad mini didn’t work.  I wonder if only iPhone is allowed  for now?


My smule account :

I heard from a member that iPad mini should be iPad Retina to create a video. Unfortunately, mine is not 😦

Smule Is Fun!

I wrote about music app called “Sing!Karaoke” by Smule before and really like it now.   As I use it, I get to learn various things.   One of them is “open mic”.  You can sing any song by using open mic.   Also, you can sing a free song solo offered by other kind members.   Let me introduce one of my recordings.  I sang a duet with “MelMaestro”, whose voice is awesome.

Autorap is another Smule’s app.   It converts your talk to rap.  I just read a newspaper paragraph.

Smule Guitar is fun too.   I can’t play the guitar, but this app makes it possible to perform by swiping and tapping the screen.   Better yet, you can perform the guitar in tune with your recording in Sing!Karaoke.  Another app called Magic Piano is similar to it.  It sounds by swiping and tapping.  This is a little boring for me.   I prefer playing the real piano.


Do you know About Sing!Karaoke?

I installed a free karaoke app in my iPad mini recently.    “Sing!Karaoke” is one of applications provided by Smule, that created several music-related apps.   Sing!Karaoke doesn’t have that many songs yet.   I expect it to increases the number of songs eventually after its launch.  To access more than 700 songs besides the free songs, you will have to pay a certain amount of money.    However there is an easy way to get songs without having to buy them.   It is by watching advertising videos to get free credits.   Another great way to sing for free is to select the open duet songs.   It’s fun to sing with other people.   During recordings,  you can adjust the  balance between the background music and the vocals.   You can choose one from several kinds of voice effects.   You can have the option of enabling lyrics and musical intervals to to appear on the screen, which is very convenient to recording and singing.    There are three songs in my account so far.   I sang with an Italian girl who was very good at rap, an American guy who has a wonderful voice and a group of other singers.

My Sing!Karaoke page: